I saw an article in my local paper about free things to do in the summer with the kids in London, so here’s my ideas on what you can do with your kids in London.

I’m lucky where I live in West London, we have access to the Grand union canal aswell as The River Thames. So having a walk along the canal on a Sunday morning goes down well with my little monkeys.

Whilst your by the water side, how about Feeding the ducks. Feed The Ducks, swans geese.

Feeding the ducks on the Grand Union Canal

Feeding the ducks on the Grand Union Canal

Having a run around in the local park. Nothing beats that feeling of running and running and running, playing IT or stuck in the mud, kick a ball around, Frisbee or even make your own kite.

With this amazing weather we’ve had recently, we have been having family water fights in the back garden. A few cheap water guns from the local shop and a bucket of water to refill. Who doesn’t like a good old water fight and getting drenched and then getting told off my mum for getting the kitchen floor all wet.

Water fight

Nothing beats a good old Water fight on a hot sunny day

We are lucky in London to have some world class museums that are free of charge, the science museum, the natural history and The Victoria and Albert museum to name a few. If your kid loves Dinosaurs the obvious place is the Natural History Museum , they have a huggggge anamatronic T Rex, which is four metres (13ft) high and seven metres (23ft)long. You have to see this bad boy!

T Rex

Back garden Camping, build your own tent/Fort out of blankets, sheets and some garden furniture.

Teddy bears/Dolly Picnic in the park or back garden always goes down well with my kids.

Teddy bears picnic

Geocaching or a treasure hunt in the garden.

Geocaching in Central London

Geocaching in Central London

What are your favourite free activities in the Summer? Comment below I’ve missed your favourite free activity to do in London.