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Cub camp is fun

I’m worried about my son going away on Cub Camp

I got sent this email from a parent whose a bit anxious about her son attending his 1st Cub camping Weekend..... Firstly, I'm sure he is in ...
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Top 10 campfire songs

Top 10 Campfire songs

With 1.6 billion views the baby shark song is now reportedly listed as one of the Top 40 most-viewed videos ever on YouTube. Baby Shark is now the ...
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Scouting Terminology

Scouting Terminology   Group - The local unit of Scouting that will consist of one or more section led by a Group Scout Leader GSL . ...
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Tim Kidd

Gilwell Reunion 2018

The Gilwell Reunion 2018 was the 92nd Reunion to be held at Gilwell Park and celebrates 99years of Gilwell Park. Gilwell Reunion is an annual ...
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Left handed handshake

Why do Scouts shake hands with their left hand?

Shaking hands using your left hand can feel a bit awkward for the first few times, but it becomes second nature after a while. So why we as ...
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Camping Etiquette

  Camping Etiquette what's this all about?   Camping is a wonderful experience, and it is one that can be enjoyed alone or with ...
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Anker Powercore 20100
10 Score

Anker PowerCore 20100

A while ago I wrote a blog post about different methods of charging your mobile phone whilst at camp. I've recently upgraded my power bank to this ...
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Left Handed Screwdriver

Gift Ideas for The Scout Leader who has Everything

Whether the Scout Leader is used to camping in the lap of luxury, or they simply have all the needs and wants for nothing, it can be difficult ...
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Quarter Master Badge

The Quartermaster Badge isn’t just for Scouts

The Quartermaster Badge isn't just for the Scouts it's for all the Scout Leaders. Each Leader should look after the camping equipment,clean it, dry ...
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Teddy bears picnic

Free Activities For Kids during the summer holidays in London 

I saw an article in my local paper about free things to do in the summer with the kids in London, so here's my ideas on what you can do with your ...
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