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Lad’s & Dad’s camping trip

A few days ago, a work college asked me what to bring to a School Lad’s and Dads camping trip. It is getting increasingly difficult to ...
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Children's Paw Patrol Bedroom and Playroom Teepee Tent Set
9 Score

Product Review :- Children’s Paw Patrol Bedroom and Playroom Teepee Tent Set

This teepee comes in 3 designs.  Paw Patrol, Princess and Star Wars. We went for the Paw Patrol design. The material is of good quality and the ...
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Pencil Sharpener - Simple way to make tinder

Pencil Sharpener – Simple way to make tinder

This has to be 1 of my favourite camping tools... The simple "pencil sharpener" Scouts often complain to me that they can’t find dry wood ...
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Scout Logo

Scouts and Rebranding

Today The UK Scout Association (The Scouts) has announced a new "strategy" for the future of The Scouting movement which includes new branding and ...
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The Asaklitt Collapsible 7lt bucket

Design This collapsible 7ltr bucket is made from Silcone and available from Claus Holsen. It's light weight, weighing just over 900grams. ...
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the most dangerous phrase in our language is we've always done it this way

Newbie Scout Leader Advice

I joined the Scout Association as a Scout Leader just over 9 years ago, with no scouting experience, never camped in my life, I guess you could ...
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Fire Steel Sticks

One of the biggest problems I’ve noticed teaching young people Fire lighting skills is the ability for the younger aged children to use a Fire ...
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Why do I even Bother?!

A while ago I had one of those nights, where the scouts just did the opposite to what was asked, Didn't listen to any leader or young leader. On ...
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9.5 Score

A family Trip to The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew- A big day out with Peter Rabbit

My wife had arranged to spend the morning with her school friend and her family at The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, mainly for the Easter Exhibition ...
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New Scout Section starting September 2018

The UK Scout Association has decided to launch a new Scout Section aimed at Young people of the ages 4-6yrs old. The section will be known as ...
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