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In this vlog,

I show you how to make some pretty cool homemade  Fire Starters.

1) Belly button Fluff Fire starter- Its actual fact its a kitchen/toilet roll, stuffed full with Lint from the tumble dryer and then topped with mlted wax. These burn for ages and also because they are coated with wax, it also means is semi water proof.

2) Egg Carton, belly button fluff and wax. Same princle as the Kitchen/toilet roll Fire starter.

3) Fairy pillows, same as the last 2 , but this time using make up pads.

4) The Baskerville Bunrer.

The Baskerville Burner was ‘invented’ in the summer of 1988 by Paul Baskerville, of the Tolmers Scout Camp Service Crew.

Himself and Shaun Joynson were running a survival course and Paul kept burning his fingers when trying to light fires without matches using pine cones, so he set about constructing something that would prevent this and as a result came up with the Burner.

When properly constructed, the Baskerville Burner will light first time every time even when damp.