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Scouting Urban Myths

Having heard and read many Urban Myths about Scouting I thought I'd jot down these  Scouting urban myths that I've heard of and answer them and ...
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International Volunteers Day

There's no denying Scouting is as much fun for an Adult as well as for the young people in our sections. As I write this post it's "International ...
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9.5 Score

Review :- Cobra Paw

Cobra Paw is a new "tile snatching" competive game by the guys behide "Bananagrams". The game can be played with 2 to 6 opponents. Each turn, two ...
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Campfire Chat is with…John Hemming Clark

In this "Campfire Chat with" I talk to John Hemming Clark. A Scout Leader in Chislehurst, Kent and also a very talented Author. Tell us a ...
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What to buy a Scout Leader for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching. If you're struggling coming up with ideas for a Scout Leader or even somone who loves camping, then this blog will ...
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Autumn is my favourite time of the year.

Without a doubt I love Autumn, those lovely orange and yellow colours on the leaves, the crunchy sound when you walk over the crisp dry leaves. I ...
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Scout apps

10 Of The Best Apps for Scout Leaders

 There are a number of fantastic apps available to help you find everything from Scout Leader Admin, to geocaching, or an app to help you find ...
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Putting the Great into the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors is called ‘great’ for a reason! Nature has this overwhelming power over us and it’s often only once we’re far away from ...
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Why do scouts leave the Troop ?

Recently I was asked by my District to fill out an autumn Census for the county. It was just to see how we are doing with numbers, both gaining and ...
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Scarefest 2018

Everyone has a fear, be it the dark, clowns, spiders, heights – imagine an event where you could confront them all at once! Welcome to Scarefes...
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