Welcome back to another week of Campfire Chats. I love this section and it’s so nice getting to know Scout Volunteers from around the world.

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Campfire Chat with… Omar Jatta


Hello, thanks for joining us! Tell us about yourself, what group you’re with, where in the world you are.

I am Omar Jatta, from Gambia West Africa, as of now I am a promoter of scouting, working with a lot of different groups in the country.


What’s your Scouting Role and how long have you been involved with Scouts for?

I have a lot of roles in scouting, from patrol leader, group finance holder, group leader, assistant district commissioner, a regional communication officer and now I have a mission to show the world what we do and talk to people, important of volunteering.

I have been involved in scouting for 17 years, I joined the movement at the age of 11.


Name 1 random fact about yourself.

A fact about me is, I like to smile because it’s a sign of a happy life even if you did not have anything.   


Where you in the scouting movement yourself when you were a child?

Yes, since I was 11


Are you a Camper or glamper?

I am a camper, I like camping.


What do you always take with you on camp? I’m not talking about the essentials such as tent, sleeping bag.

I always take a pen and book, I like to write everything Down.


What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow Scout leader?

My advice is, anything you are doing, do it at your best of the ability and work hard, know that any good thing you are doing; there must be difficulties, be strong to overcome them.


How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time?

My free time must of the time I spend it with children and youths to learn from them because they have something to teach.


What’s your funniest Scouting memory?

The funniest scouting memory is, when a cub scout told me, he is good at cooking than me and he can cook for 50 people. 


Where is your favourite place to camp?

I do not have a favourite place to, anywhere I can do the activities of what has been planned for the camp. 


If you could have dinner with anyone? Dead or alive, who would it be?

I will be happy to have dinner with three people but one of them is not in this world now, which is BP and the other two are and they are Bear Grylls and John May. 

Thank you to Omar for agreeing to be interviewed by me. 

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