Our overall verdict "Perfect"

I had a random idea recently to visit Odds Farm Park. I went online to book tickets but noticed you have to book it 24 hours before your visit. Luckily we didn’t experience any queues.

We headed straight to the feeding barn, where you can feed the sheep and goats. With mummy and Grace too scared to feed the farm yard animals it was down to me to feed them. With a hand full of animal feed, I placed out my hand and started to feed the sheep under supervision from Grace telling me exactly what sheep to feed and which one I wasn’t allowed to feed as he/she had already been fed or too greedy- according to Grace.

After a good 15/20 minutes of feeding the animals we headed outside to walk to the outside pens to see the pigs,goats, donkeys and chickens.

Unlike previous visits, both myself and my wife were impressed with the childrens entertainers walking around and interacting with the visitors. This was super cool and Grace fell in love with the rather well spoken Adventurer in the Arts and craft Tent. Staff there were knowledgeable and made us feel welcome. We watched the cow milking demonstration, and we were very impressed about how much Grace learnt in a short space of time.

We headed down to the field and discovered the maze, whilst the path way wasn’t the best for prams,it was rather wobbly with pebbles. We managed to escape and get out in just a few minutes.

Grace then spotted the wooden climbing castle and clamberred on it for what felt like hours, with a brief snack and a toilet break, we headed to the sheep race. Whilst it was fun to watch and have a little “bet” it was a shame it was just only 1 race and over within 30 seconds or so , maybe they could of had a few races rather than just the one race.

Next was a pit stop in the arts and craft tent. Grace made a rabbit finger puppet and mummy and Thomas made a rather impressive straw blown rocket.

After lunch and a lot of play time on the wooden castle, slide and swings we made our way to the queue for the tractor ride.

The tractor ride took us around the left hand side of Odds Farm Park and lasted I would say about 10 minutes. With two packed trailers, we headed around the farm looking at the animals including some amazing Highland Cows at the back of the farm, which can only been seen on the tractor ride.

After the tractor ride we made our way indoors to the soft playground.

Thomas enjoyed the under 2 ball pit, playing the the balls on the jets of air and watching them magically float in the air. Grace headed to the over 5 soft play area, on the slides and then dragged me to the climbing area. Squeezing my way through the tunnels and climbing obstacles, we completed the course without any injuries.

Our family day out at Odds Farm Park definitely went down well with our children aged 4 and 1 years old.

If you haven’t visited Odds Farm Park, it’s well worth a visit.

We had an enjoyable and packed experience. My wife and I would give Odds Farm Park a 5/5 and Grace gave it 10 out of 5.