So mini yates is expected in the next few days. So my normal weekend Bootcamp is on hold at the moment until he is born…well after his birth!

So I haven’t managed to do much physical exercise this bank holiday weekend. Yes I spent the day in the garden yesterday in the glorious sunshine painting the garden fences.

This evening Grace reminded me that I haven’t done any running or met Perry ( Perry is my personal trainer)

I’ve been following Joe Wicks for sometime now,but never done any of his exercises only his recipes. So I loaded up YouTube on the TV and landed up his  home work out videos. I randomly picked 1 out and prepared the living room for space.

Woooooah what a work out it was.

It included a warm up session and then 5 excersies repeated 5 times.

Boy did I get all sweaty in the front room in front of my wife and daughter.

Like I say, I’ve never done 1 of his videos but I’m 100% hooked on it now!

Check his videos out on his website or via YouTube