Oh the joys of having Hay Fever ,Everyone cheers up as soon as the weather gets warmer. Everyone except people like me who suffer from Hay fever, knowing that the moment I wake up I will be constantly sneezing for the next few months- Oh the joys of suffering with Hay Fever!

Hay fever

Tree pollen starts the season off around March, grass pollen kicks in around May and certain weeds can affect my hay fever till around September time.

Tree Pollen Hay fever

The sneezing:

All the time sneezing from the moment I wake up in the morning till the time I go to bed. All the time achoo avatarhood aaaaachooo!

Hay fever

Constantly telling people

“No, I don’t have a cold


Wanting to spend the day outside in the wonderful sunshine

But getting so annoyed of sneezing and itchy eyes, that I then spend the whole day inside feeling depressed and sorry for myself whilst watching my kids and wife playing in the garden.


My constant painful itchy Eyes.

OMG! this is the most painful thing with suffering from hay fever. The nonstop itchy eyes and then when you put a cold flannel over them ooooooooh my! Feels like heaven.

Pollen Eyes

But it’s not just my eyes that itch

My nose twitches, my neck basically my whole. Body can get itchy!


My Devil eyes

Having Red swollen eyes and no that’s not a lack of sleep!


I  do actually love flowers

Our family proberly spends £100’s of pounds making our back garden looking lovely. I really enjoy cutting the grass, but I know I’m going to pay for it later with the sneezing and itchy eyes.

So why do I bother if I know I’m going to regret it?!

The Struggle with family picnics

It’s great to spend time outside during the spring and summer. And then someone at home will suggest “let’s have a picnic”

I know it’s going to be a lovely couple of hours sitting on the picnic rug but then I know I’m going to spend hours sneezing



Always having to carry a packet of tissues with me

The nonstop blowing of my nose turns me into a Summer version of Rudolph the Red nose reindeer.

Man blowing nose outside

Spending a fortune on hay fever medicine

Knowing it doesn’t really have any effect on stopping the sneezing and itchy eyes, it’s more of a placebo effect

Here’s a blog post I wrote this ime last year about Tips on beating Hayfever

The NHS guide to dealing with Hay fever

Apparetly Acupuncture can be used to deal with Hay Fever- cangt say I’ve tried this one- You never know I may try it!


Do you have any tips/ Old wifes tales on dealing with Hay fever?