Tonight was kinda tough at Scouts.

Trying to hold back the tears and also anger as my Scouts had the Scout flag at half mast.

We also took some time out and reflected on the sad death of a fellow Scout Jodie Chesney.

Jodie Chesney

Jodie sadly lost her life due to Knife Crime.

I chatted with the Scouts about how pointless and stupid Knife Crime is. It was hard not to cry but I stayed strong. Also didn’t wanna cry in front of the Scouts.

I really really really hope none of my Scout’s carry Knifes or weapons. I did ask them and they all said no.

I pray that they all told the truth.

Please sign this petition.

The government need to act Now, not next week, next month. They have to do something fast before more life’s are lost due to Knife Crime.

R.I.P. Jodie

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