Its Monday , so that means it’s time for another week of Campfire Chat. I love this section and it’s so nice getting to know Scout Volunteers from around the world.

If you haven’t joined in with Campfire Chat before it’s a weekly online interview celebrating Scouting. From Leaders, to County Commissioners to volunteers the other side of the world, every Monday we share a few minutes to discuss Scouts!

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Campfire Chat with… Gaurav Nautiyal

Gaurav Nautiyal


What’s your Scouting Role and how long have you been involved with Scouts for?

Rover Scouts, I have been in scouting for 4 years now.


Name 1 random fact about yourself.

I look smarter in Scout Uniform

Gaurav Nautiyal 2

Where you in the scouting movement yourself when you were a child?

Sadly not. In my childhood I was unaware of scouting. 

Are you a Camper or glamper?


What do you always take with you on camp? I’m not talking about the essentials such as tent, sleeping bag.

A music player

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow Scout leader?

Don’t thrash your juniors on their fault just let them learn from their own mistakes.

Gaurav Nautiyal 3

How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time?

I like to Paint 

What’s your funniest Scouting memory?

When we locked in the  other crew members of other college in their room and competition was going on, they couldnt escape out of their rooms, which meant they lost in the Annual competition.



Where is your favourite place to camp?

Prashar lake, Himachal pradesh, India

Prashar lake, Himachal pradesh, India

If you could have dinner with anyone? Dead or alive, who would it be?

With dinner no one else

Thank you to Gaurav for agreeing to be interviewed by me. 

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