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Campfire Chat with… Steve Hart

steve 1

What’s your Scouting Role and how long have you been involved with Scouts for?

Hi I am a member of Bushscout which is a national SASU that members from all walks of life that come together to teach our young members and their leaders cool stuff that they can use on camp 🙂 I have been back in Scouts for nearly ten years now, being Akela for 7 of those years was the most rewarding job I have ever had but I love what I do now.


Name 1 random fact about yourself.

I took a selfie with Bear Grylls at the camping show a couple of years ago and told all my Cubs that I only agreed to have my photo with him so he would leave me alone because he had been saying “Akela… Akela please let me have a photo with you” haha


Were you in the scouting movement yourself when you were a child?

Yes, and loved it. I was so excited when my oldest turned six so I could get back involved. The Beaver unit that he went to said they were full, and we should come back in about 6 months until I said that I wanted to join and become a leader… Well, the rest in history.


Are you a Camper or glamper?

I don’t know… I have had many tents and slept on the floor for many nights but my bones are old now, so I sleep on a self-inflating mattress that is supposed to be 10cm thick but is actually 5cm. I love to hammock, but I have been converting my Land Rover recently into some kind of “go anywhere camper”. I’m still sleeping in a tent that straps to the side of the car so technically I suppose I’m a Camper with the comfort of the car???? I don’t know. You tell me Mark?
steve 4

What do you always take with you on camp? I’m not talking about the essentials such as tent, sleeping bag.

My sons, in fact on the odd occasion that I go away without them I don’t like it. I love having them around, they are good kids who get stuck into most of the weird and wakey ideas that I have. Mum sleeps better when we are away too haha

What is the best piece of advice you can give to fellow Scout leader ?

Follow your heart. There will be many Scouters that you will meet on your travels that will tell you that you are “doing it wrong” or they criticise what you are doing and the direction that you are going before they have even met you. Find some likeminded scouters who are on the same journey as you, the ones who are doing it for the kids not for personal gain. The ones who laugh at you, to your face, when you fall in a puddle but then help you up. You may have to look a bit harder than you would have thought but when you find them your smile will be a lot bigger.


How do you relax/ spend your ‘free time?

Camping haha. it’s true, I can’t think of anything that relaxes me more then boiling up the kettle over an open fire, sitting back and watching the world go by. It could be anywhere, in the middle of a jamboree or with a few mates in the woods, fantastic.

What’s your most funniest Scouting memory?

Ooo there are loads. I set fire to boots once when I was warming them by the fire on a cold snowy night, not very funny until I tell you that my feet were still in them at the time haha I danced around like a man possessed trying to put them out. campfires are always fun, some fellow trainers and myself used to run a nights away course and on that course I would lead the campfire and get the leaders to perform lots of songs and skits. One of my sons always used to call out to me “Daddy I need a wee” I would always be quite stern and “no, later, sit down etc” this would go on after ever song and some of the leaders would get really annoyed with me and feel really sorry for my son, Eventually, after much badgering, I would relent and say “go on then, hurry up” and he would run around the campfire pretending to be and aeroplane shouting “Weeeee”, the look on their faces was a picture, so funny 🙂


Where is your favourite place to camp?

I love Thriftwood, its not far from me for one but it has a certain magic. you can run all sorts of camps there right from a full blown County Camp to a small survival camp. The staff there are always great fun and nothing is ever too much trouble. Obviously if you go into the office ranting and raving you shouldn’t expect the answers that you desire but treat them as you want to be treated and all will be well in the end.

If you could have dinner with anyone? Dead or alive, who would it be?

I really don’t know Mark, I love food so whoever I was with would have to a really conversationalist to get my attention away from what’s on my plate haha. 

Thank you to Steve for agreeing to be interviewed by me. 

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