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The highs and lows of being a Scout Leader

The Highs and Lows of being a Scout Leader

In this Vlog I sit around the campfire with my Scout Leaders from my Scout Group and discuss the Highs and Lows of being a Scout Leader. Comment ...
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Homesick kids who want to go home

I'd only send a homesick young person home as a very very last resort and that's after trying every trick in the book. But sometimes the best thing ...
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Top 10 campfire songs

Top 10 Campfire songs

With 1.6 billion views the baby shark song is now reportedly listed as one of the Top 40 most-viewed videos ever on YouTube. Baby Shark is now the ...
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Scouting in 1 word

Scouting in 1 word

Last weekend I took my Scouts to our District Funcamp, with just over 400 young people attending the weekend fun camp. Scouting in the U.K. now ...
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Beaver and Cubs Funday 2018

Here's a vlog from this weekends Beaver and Cubs Funday 2018 at Gilwell Park. I also had a walk around the park to show you some of the highlights ...
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Pencil Sharpener - Simple way to make tinder

Pencil Sharpener – Simple way to make tinder

This has to be 1 of my favourite camping tools... The simple "pencil sharpener" Scouts often complain to me that they can’t find dry wood ...
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Scout Logo

Scouts and Rebranding

Today The UK Scout Association (The Scouts) has announced a new "strategy" for the future of The Scouting movement which includes new branding and ...
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the most dangerous phrase in our language is we've always done it this way

Newbie Scout Leader Advice

I joined the Scout Association as a Scout Leader just over 9 years ago, with no scouting experience, never camped in my life, I guess you could ...
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Why do I even Bother?!

A while ago I had one of those nights, where the scouts just did the opposite to what was asked, Didn't listen to any leader or young leader. On ...
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#Never Give Up

#Never give up Last weekend saw me and the Scout Leader’s from my scout Group take 30 young people aged from 5yrs old to 14.5yrs old for a ...
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