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Mark discovered the love of camping since joining the Scout Association as a Scout Leader.

He has always loved the outdoors. Whilst Mark was studying you could have found him sitting in the middle of Burnham Beaches calming down after a hectic exam or studying. Now he camps all over the place, whether it’s just a little camp with a few others or taking over 30 scouts away camping for a week.

Mark is a Scout Leader in west London. He also hosts a popular podcast called The Urban Bushcraft Podcast, with a past career in profession radio for many years, starting up a podcast was 2nd nature to Mark

Favourite piece of kit: It has to be my Parachute; I use it to provide shelter over my campfire. It also helps to keep the heat in the centre whilst we sit under the parachute and either watch mothers natures TV (the flames of the fire) or have a good chit chat about work, life and our lovely family.

Camping Luxury: Jaffa Cakes, Mark has to have some Jaffa cakes whilst camping

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