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Never have I ever

“Never have I ever…” is a great game for getting to know people whilst sat around the campfire or huddled in the Mess Tent whilst it's ...
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Chinese takeway

Chinese Take away Fire starters

  After a recent Scout camp watching my Scouts struggling to light a fire and them asking me to help them make some home-made Fire starters, ...
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10 things you learn when your child starts Scouts

So you've signed your little Monkey up to join the local Beaver Colony, they go every week and have lots of fun learning new skills and making new ...
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Ashes of friendship tradition

I was reading recently about a Scouting tradition some groups do known as Ashes of Friendship . Which is taking camp fire ash in a tin and then ...
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Autumn is my favourite time of the year.

Without a doubt I love Autumn, those lovely orange and yellow colours on the leaves, the crunchy sound when you walk over the crisp dry leaves. I ...
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The highs and lows of being a Scout Leader

The Highs and Lows of being a Scout Leader

In this Vlog I sit around the campfire with my Scout Leaders from my Scout Group and discuss the Highs and Lows of being a Scout Leader. Comment ...
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Campfire inspired songs

Campfire inspired songs

On a recent Scout Camp, after the Scouts had all gone to their tents, the leaders sat around the campfire discussing what Campfire inspired songs ...
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Pencil Sharpener - Simple way to make tinder

Pencil Sharpener – Simple way to make tinder

This has to be 1 of my favourite camping tools... The simple "pencil sharpener" Scouts often complain to me that they can’t find dry wood ...
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How do you earn your “wife points”?

It's and on going joke between myself and a good friend and fellow Scout Leader  Ray ,about collecting *Wife points which allow us  to go on  ...
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Never give up

#Never Give Up

#Never give up Last weekend saw me and the Scout Leader’s from my scout Group take 30 young people aged from 5yrs old to 14.5yrs old for a ...
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