After a recent Scout camp watching my Scouts struggling to light a fire and them asking me to help them make some home-made Fire starters, I got inspiration from my Chinese Take away meal and make some Chinese Take away Fire starters


Why not make a fun session with the Scouts and get them to make some Home-made Waterproof fire starters.


So I made a vlog on how to make Chinese take way Fire Starters


  • Prawn Crackers – 虾片虾片
  • Crispy Seaweed – 脆皮海藻
  • Noodles- 面条
  • Spring Rolls – 春卷


Here’s how I made them….

Home made Fire starters made in the style of a Chinese Take away meal


What other Homemade Fire starters do you make?

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Any ideas on fun Fire lighting teaching sessions?