A while ago my good friend Bushcraft Boy uploaded a video on how to make your very own Tinderball homemade fire lighters using a tea light, Vaseline and some cotton wool. So, I thought I would try making these awesome firelighters myself.

I used 2 tea lights, 2 dollops of Vaseline and then melted them down together. Once they had melted I dunked in cotton wool pads and soaked them for 2 seconds or so and then left them to dry overnight.

To use these as your fire lighter, all you must do is break them open and unravel the cottonwood fluff and then light them, you can light them either by a fire steel or lighter.

The took a spark nicely and burned for ages, enough time for me to get out my stove and snap some wood ready to make a cuppa tea in the back garden.

I would say this is a very easy task to do, but if you’re a child, get an adult to help you with the melting of the wax and then the dunking. The melted wax is very hot, so care should be taken when doing this.

I used: –
2 tea lights
2 dollops of Vaseline
Some cotton wool pads from my wife’s make up bag