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Daddy and Son Bonding Day

A few weekends ago the girls went out to  Grace's  friend's house which left just left me and my son and the start of what would become an amazng ...
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Scout Leader Superpowers

As a Scout Leader, what’s are the superpowers you wish you had? Hang on! Don’t answer that just yet.....  let me guess- I reckon it’s ...
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WIN a Family Pass to The Great Wonderfest!

This week Big Man in the Woods has teamed up with The Great Wonderfest to give away family passes to "Scoutfest" at The Great Wonderfest. The ...
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Bed Wetting Advice

I often get quite a few messages from parents and also Scout Leader asking questions or looking for advice. This next question is something I get ...
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Wallace & Gromit vs My Scouts

The up and coming Musical tour that me and my family will be seeing during the summer holidays by Wallace & Gromit featuring a Cracking Live ...
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scout patrol tents

21 things that proves you’re a Scout Leader when…

You live a quiet life, and nothing can surprise you anymore. You wish! Do you think you know everything about being a Scout Leader? Here's 21 ...
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Tree Pollen Hay fever

Oh the joys of suffering with Hay Fever

 Oh the joys of having Hay Fever ,Everyone cheers up as soon as the weather gets warmer. Everyone except people like me who suffer from Hay ...
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Ten Facts about Gilwell Park 

Gilwell Park celebrates 100yrs this year since it was purchased back in 1919. So here's ten Facts about Gilwell  Park that you might not know. ...
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Never have I ever

“Never have I ever…” is a great game for getting to know people whilst sat around the campfire or huddled in the Mess Tent whilst it's ...
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Activity Pack

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