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10 things you learn when your child starts Scouts

So you've signed your little Monkey up to join the local Beaver Colony, they go every week and have lots of fun learning new skills and making new ...
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Bucket List for Scout Leader

Scout Leader Bucket List

I've never written a bucket list before so I thought I'd do one . So this year I’m starting as I mean to go on, with a kinda long  Scout Leader ...
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Scout apps

10 Of The Best Apps for Scout Leaders

 There are a number of fantastic apps available to help you find everything from Scout Leader Admin, to geocaching, or an app to help you find ...
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Putting the Great into the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors is called ‘great’ for a reason! Nature has this overwhelming power over us and it’s often only once we’re far away from ...
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The highs and lows of being a Scout Leader

The Highs and Lows of being a Scout Leader

In this Vlog I sit around the campfire with my Scout Leaders from my Scout Group and discuss the Highs and Lows of being a Scout Leader. Comment ...
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Cub camp is fun

I’m worried about my son going away on Cub Camp

I got sent this email from a parent whose a bit anxious about her son attending his 1st Cub camping Weekend..... Firstly, I'm sure he is in ...
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How to make homemade Fire starters Vlog

How to make homemade Fire starters

Check out my latest Vlog.......Epiosde 64- If I'm correct.... In this vlog, I show you how to make some pretty cool homemade  Fire Starters. ...
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Tim Kidd

Gilwell Reunion 2018

The Gilwell Reunion 2018 was the 92nd Reunion to be held at Gilwell Park and celebrates 99years of Gilwell Park. Gilwell Reunion is an annual ...
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Camping Etiquette

  Camping Etiquette what's this all about?   Camping is a wonderful experience, and it is one that can be enjoyed alone or with ...
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Carry on Camping

5 British Films That Will Inspire You to Go Camping

Camping has always been considered a traditional British pastime, yet in today’s modern world it seems that less people are opting for a weekend ...
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