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First night of 2019

Last Thursday was the 1st evening for my Scout Troop of 2019. I oddly missed my Troop over the festive period. Have to say, I’ve really clicked ...
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Bucket List for Scout Leader

Scout Leader Bucket List

I've never written a bucket list before so I thought I'd do one . So this year I’m starting as I mean to go on, with a kinda long  Scout Leader ...
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The washing up badge

If only we had Leader Badges

I often get random ideas & questions popping into my head, the most recent question was "why don't we have any Adult Leader activity badges?"...
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16 things you only know if you’re a Beaver Leader

Things you only know if you're a Beaver Leader.  According to Beaver Leaders from 1st Facebook Scout Group... Just how many teeth children ...
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Putting the Great into the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors is called ‘great’ for a reason! Nature has this overwhelming power over us and it’s often only once we’re far away from ...
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Why do scouts leave the Troop ?

Recently I was asked by my District to fill out an autumn Census for the county. It was just to see how we are doing with numbers, both gaining and ...
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Scarefest 2018

Everyone has a fear, be it the dark, clowns, spiders, heights – imagine an event where you could confront them all at once! Welcome to Scarefes...
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The highs and lows of being a Scout Leader

The Highs and Lows of being a Scout Leader

In this Vlog I sit around the campfire with my Scout Leaders from my Scout Group and discuss the Highs and Lows of being a Scout Leader. Comment ...
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Homesick kids who want to go home

I'd only send a homesick young person home as a very very last resort and that's after trying every trick in the book. But sometimes the best thing ...
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Top 10 campfire songs

Top 10 Campfire songs

With 1.6 billion views the baby shark song is now reportedly listed as one of the Top 40 most-viewed videos ever on YouTube. Baby Shark is now the ...
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