So you’ve signed your little Monkey up to join the local Beaver Colony, they go every week and have lots of fun learning new skills and making new friends. 


But what’s in it for parents? Here’s 10 things that I’m pretty sure all parents will soon learn when their child signs up for Scouts


10 things you learn when your child starts Scouts


1- When they go on camp, you can more or less guarantee, that your child will put their wet kit in with dry kit!

2- You have to quickly learn how to sew on badges without sewing sleeves together.

3- There will be nights your son/daughter don’t want to go but don’t be soft and stick with it. Mostly they will come round after a few weeks but if not leaders may be able to help. It passes and is worth sticking with.

4- Keep a jumbo binbag in your car. It will cover a large amount of muddy scouts sitting on the back seats. Will save you a headache if valeting your car later on in the day. 

5- When the Cub leader warns there maybe a bit of mud on the walk, read as bring a change of clothes and something to cover your car seats in to take your child home!! (There is never just a little bit of mud when a cub is involved)

6- Doritos are flammable.

7- When leaders say label everything, they really do mean EVERYTHING!

8- You can never send them off to camp with enough socks and they never return with the same amount.

9- Nothing can prepare you for the smell of their bag when they get back from camp. Always send plastic bags for wet stuff – it won’t stop the smell but may make all those clean clothes not smell quite so bad

10 – Putting spending money in with the soap. Guaranteed you will get the money back at the end of camp, as I know my son never washes at camp!

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