Without a doubt I love Autumn, those lovely orange and yellow colours on the leaves, the crunchy sound when you walk over the crisp dry leaves. I love the dark mornings when I walk to work with no one in sight and then getting that 1st cup of coffee in the morning hugging it with my cold fingers.


Okay, there are a few things that I don’t like about autumn mainly the rain and the cold sharp winds.


What I do really like is the fresh crisp air when I leave the house at 5:30am on the way to work. There’s something quite cool when it’s foggy and you get that smokey effect under the street lamps.


The downside to the change of weather is catching the dreaded cold. It seems that everyone on my tube has got the cold. Sneezing and coughing seems to be the norm. But what really annouys me is manners when sneezing!! Why don’t people sneeze into a tissue or even their hand, now a days it seems its OK just to sneeze in mid air and the constant sniffing – just blow your nose…. OK rant over!!


I much prefer a good autumn/winter campfire. It feels much cosy sitting around the cold autumn evening around a nice roasting campfire drinking a cuppa tea and snacking on some jaffa cakes. I love making a good slow cooked stew brewing in my Petromax Dutch oven that’s been cooking over the campfire for the past 4hour- man it tastes sooooo good, soaking up the gravy with a crusty bread roll – you gotta try it!

Dutch oven



Also it’s the only time of the year when at Scouts we can play games in the dark. My Scouts a few years ago game up with a game pmayed in the dark called James Bond. Basically you put obsticles in the way such as table and chairs and the scouts have to from 1 end of the hall to the other without getting caught by the spotlight from the torches used to detect them. It’s a weird game – I still honestly don’t understand the game, but my Scouts love it so that’s all that matters I guess.


Sunday afternoon’s when it’s cold, wet and raining means its an afternoon on the sofa tucking into a bowl of popcorn and watching a family film with the kids such as Nanny McFee- perfect!


Now it’s the big countdown to when the Big man in the Red suit visits our house with a sackful of those annoying musical toys… Maybe the batteries might disappear when the kids are in bed hahaha!!


  1. Whats your favourite Season of the year?