It’s and on going joke between myself and a good friend and fellow Scout Leader  Ray ,about collecting *Wife points which allow us  to go on  camping weekends with the Boys for example.  As my wife reads my blog there’s no way I’m going to let the cat out of the bag and tell you how I secretly rack up my Wife Points- no way Jose.

*This terminology is often used by married men to describe an imaginary points system created by their wives to grade their performance in a marriage. It can lead to “special privileges” if they score high enough on the chart*


I asked the question to some other fellow Scouts leaders “how they earn their “wife points” and this is what the said….

Wife Points

Cheryl– How about husband points! usually chocolate and if i am being particularly generous give him soomething else. He loves having the TV etc all to himself for the weekend! Lol

Al – My wife, also a Scouter, fully supports my interests and my time in Scouting. I don’t need to earn anything to have her support to be out and about Scouting.

Helen -When our children are in the same section or help is needed in their section … I say go and show your kids what it means to volunteer your time and it is special time … adventurous time…don’t deny your partner the special time!!!! Cause even if they are off working in another part of camp it is still a something your kids wil remember later in life!!!

Kelli – I take the kids with me 🙂 Not the easiest when they are in different sections and different organisations. My daughter (a Guide) comes on Scouting activities quite often.

Ray I earn wife points by buying a nice dinner before departure and upon return, with my jealous cat I have to make a fuss of him and let him nap with me for a week.

Marc–  Easy – while I’m doing things like Cuboree Cath’s off managing one of the Victorian Women’s Veterans Hockey Team… I don’t mind her Hockey; she doesn’t mind my Scouting. Mind you the kids are 19 & 23 so they don’t need to be looked after and they haven’t yet produced grandchildren for us to babysit…

Alex –  just tell her either that or get her involved with scouts

Chris Alex, I agree!! My wife lets me “play” at Scouting, but does not want to be involved. Situaution slightly changed now that we have a grandson in my Troop.

LloydMy gf is a guide leader so i dont need to earn points lol

JamesSimple take her with you!!!!





GerrySimple I don’t go to her book club, her gym classes, her end of school teacher drinks or her girls night out I do Scouts..hold on thats 4 to 1 must find more things to do with my spare time..(rememebrs don’t have free time I do Scouts–only 2hrs hours a week) 🙂

Neal Mine’s a Beaver Leader so I take her with me problem solved.

Veronica I go with the hubby on camps i’m his asl so he doesnt need to earn wife points from me

Caroline Mine comes with me to help out so he’s not left at home, and then I make a big fuss of him when we get back. Sorted. He always has fun helping, I like fussing over him and he rather likes it too 😀  Plus on the up side. when we are at camp and i’m starting to get frazzled/ over tired/ stressed. He always spots it before anyone else would and can send me off for 5 mins with a cuppa to calm down and get ‘the fun’ back. Makes me a much better leader

KathrynMy bf and i both do scouting….but I’m a sea scout and he’s a landie so he can’t come on all my events as some are only royal navy leaders.

Neil I divorced my wife and got a girlfriend who is also a scouting leader so we just go together……

Valerie As a partner of a SL who just happens to be a BSL it’s give and take although a bit of attention before hand doesn’t go amiss from whichever one is going to be away. It was more of a problem with my ex who wasn’t in Scouting though.

Raymond It is hard my wife has been a scout widow now for quite a few years we do have words sometimes even after 17 years of it but as I have cut back on camp/trips since I took on the BSL role

Claire My hubby got me to join, then we call it quality time together 🙂

Angie I am a cub leader,my husband is my gsl,he also caters for all my cub camps,so he’s with me on camp,but has his own time when i’m with the cubs on activities,with my helpers .

Sharon I love it when my husband goes to camp, remote, wine, choccys, no snoring, bliss . . . roll on summer camp, Ahhhhh

Sara Myself and partener both are in scouting …… I let him go along but downside is I love camps and get a tad jealous as the last one he did was a muddy one (my fav type lol)

KateBy being so nice all the rest of the time lol… I think it’s good to have your own interests, although I think it’s going to be odd for my other half when I’m away for 8 nights for summer camp (setting up on the Friday, then kids are there Saturday to Saturday)

Sam I find that I have to show her what camps I’m planning and then she’ll tell me when I’m doing to much and missing out time with my family. This time of year is always busiest with the silly season. If you let it take over your life, other things will suffer and as much as I love Scouting, sometimes you just have to say NO!

Maverick My girlfriend is a Scout leader too. although next week will be our first summer camp together. unfortunately didn’t get enough interest from my own group so I’ll be running her explorer section for the week..

Adrian Take the wife with me

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