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A while ago I wrote a blog post about different methods of charging your mobile phone whilst at camp. I’ve recently upgraded my power bank to this Anker PowerCore 20100 as it can give up to 6 fully chargers to my phone.

I use the powerbank at nighttime. I still using the awesome solar panel chargers from Mobile Solar Chargers  a UK based company   if I need to charge my phone during the day.


Anker Powercore 20100

The Anker PowerCore 20100 Power Bank has 4.8A Output which in English terms means I get around 8 charges to my Sony Xperia phone and I would guess the same for an iPhone or around 4 charges for a mini Ipad. This charger will definitely help you charge  your gadgets whilst away on your camping trip. I re charge my Anker Power core by using my solar panel chargers during the day.


Solar Panels

The Anker Power Core 20100 comes with two charge ports. Pretty cool if you want to charge more than one phone at the same time due to another Scout a leader hearing a rumour you have a phone charger and they forgot theirs at home .

Anker powercore 20100

The end port is for charging the device itself using a micro USB socket , in the box you will get a USB wire that you can either plug in to a USB port on a laptop or PC or you can plug this wire directly into a  USB mains plug. Once connected the lights on the power bank will start to show and you can see how much charge there is by pressing the power key on the side.

For a full charge it takes about six hours if the power bank is completely empty. There’s 4 blue lights that indicate how much juice is left in the Anker Powecore, 4 lights being fully charged down to 1 meaning nearly empty.

Anker Powercore 20100

As I write this blog post, the cost of the Anker Power Core 20100 is £32.99 on Amazon. It’s an amazing price considering how many  chargers you can get from this  bad boy compared to other power banks.


I use this power bank for my normal day to day travelling from home to work etc as its a handy size just to slip in My work bag.

Anker Powercore 20100

If you haven’t gotten a phone power bank charger or your like me and wanting to upgrade to a more powerful power bank, I wouldn’t highly recommend this Anker Powercore 20100 without a shadow of a doubt.


You won’t  be upset with this bad boy or a power bank!

Anker Powercore 20100



  • Can get 6 full chargers
  • Good size
  • 2 charge no points


  • Takes approx 6hrs to fully charge he power bank