Remember, remember the 5th of November? While a firework display can be magical time for the family , there are safety precautions you need to take.


Fireworks night is one of the best nights of the year for the whole family, as the night sky is lit up with incredible light displays. And let’s not forget the chance to toast marshmallows on the bonfire. But while fireworks are amazing to watch they can be noisy and scary for young children.

To make sure your family’s night goes off with a bang, follow our expert tips for a safe night all round.

Worried about the noise?

Your little one’s ears are super sensitive and the noise of the fireworks will probably be the loudest noise they have ever heard. If the fireworks are being set of in a small place such as a garden, maybe watch the fireworks  inside and stay in the warmth and watch from the window.

If you’re watching a  public display then keep your baby’s ears protected with a pair of ear muffs, baby ear plugs, which are easy – and safe – to insert into your baby’s ears or even Ear Defenders.

Be wary of sparklers


Sparklers are a great way to enjoy the Bonfire weekend, particularly for children who can use them to write their names in the sky and make pretty patterns. But, it’s worth remembering whilst sparklers may look harmless they can cause serious injury if they are not handled correctly.


In fact, a single sparkler can reach a temperature of up to 2,000⁰C, which is 15 times the boiling point of water, and 3 sparklers lit at once will burn at the same heat as a blowtorch used for joining metal.


But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them at your display. Instead, follow the advice below and you’ll ensure sparkler safety.

If you do decide to give your child a sparkler, always help them and  hold it away from their face, clothing and hair and make sure they are wearing gloves to protect her hands. Something that you may consider which sounds daft but works quite well, is too stick the sparkler in the end of a long carrot. That way the carrot its like an arm extender and the little 1 doesn’t actually touch the sparkler handle.

Once the sparkler has finished, place it in a bucket of cold water.

Steer clear of the heat and the fireworks

At public displays, there is usually a safety barrier that you should stay behind and if you’re in a private garden then keep as far away as possible from where the fireworks are set off.

Keep your little 1’s warm

Despite the bonfire, chances are that the night air will be pretty chilly so keep everyone wrapped up warm. Layers, a coat and a hat, scarf and gloves. That past few years we’ve done a silly hat competition, who can find the most ridicoulous hat and wear it


Buy legal fireworks…

You should always only buy Fireworks with the BS7114 Kitemark. Never buy a box that has been tampered with.

Bsi kite Mark

Don’t  condiser buying cheap fireworks from the man down the pub! Fireworks can kill , something you shouldn’t really mess around with.

Legal fireworks will be clearly marked with the manufacturers name and logo and are much safer to use. Before using them, store them in a cool, dry place that your tot can’t reach.

Always follow the instructions

It is important to always read the instructions for each firework. Light all fireworks from arm’s length and use a touch to lighting not a flame.


Never go near a firework that has been lit

Even if the firework hasn’t gone off, it can still explode. Never throw discarded fireworks onto bonfires as they may still have gunpowder left in them. Put all discarded fireworks into a bucket of water. Never let children near a lit firework.

Size Matters

When building your bonfire always ensure your fire is built in an open space and that you are not in a smoke free area.  Do not build your bonfire close to hedges, fences, sheds or building. Fire spreads quickly it is important that the area around your bonfire is clear. Have you considered visiting a local bonfire event instead? And don’t forget to check the bonfire for wildlife if you’ve built it a few days before.


Keep pets indoors

Before lighting your bonfire all check that there are no animals hiding within the structure for warmth. Hedgehogs in particular like climbing inside unlit bonfires. Keep your pets indoors if they do not like loud noises try leaving the radio or television on for them. Don’t forget your neighbours pets too, a quick knock on a neighbours to let them know about your plans allows them the chance to bring their pets indoors if necessary.


Never light a bonfire with flammable liquid.

Instead use domestic firelighters and never throw aerosol cans or tyres onto a fire. Don’t forget that fire spreads quickly even after it has just been lit. Do not use any flammable liquids to light your bonfire.


Keep a bucket of water nearby

Before lightning your bonfire or fireworks it is important that you have followed the simplest of safety measures. Have a bucket of water nearby in case of an emergency, it can also be used to put used fireworks and sparklers in.


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