I often get random ideas & questions popping into my head, the most recent question was “why don’t we have any Adult Leader activity badges?”

How cool would it be if Leaders got badges too. The only badges leaders receive are their wood beads, 1st response and years of service. Have I forgotten any?

Here’s the badges I came up with.

The washing up badge The Washing up badge

Level 1 would start with 5 plates, cups and cutlery.



The Tea making  badge 

You will learn how to make a decent cup of tea, not to strong or too milky. You will learn the best way to make a brew, the different types of tea leaves and blends.

The church badge The Church parade attendance Badge

This would work along the same lines as nights away award.



Number of parent e-mails/What’s App What's app badge Written badge. 

Awarded the same as the Church parade attendance.



Compass badge

The Compass Challenge Badge.

If you can input X amount of young people’s details in a set period of time, your’ll be awarded the challenge badge.

Bacon badge Rashers of bacon eaten badge. 

This would be a level badge. 5 Rashers would be level 1.



Patience badge

The patience badge.

How you would be awarded this would be for example. You have shown the Scouts 5 times how to pitch a tent they’ve pitched the same way each camp for the last god know’s how many years.



What other badges could Leader’s get awarded? Comment below if you have any badge ideas.