Our overall verdict "Perfect"

Treat yourself to a unique Advent Calendar this Christmas… A Naked Marshmallow Advent Calendar

Do you always buy the standard chocolate advent calendar with the kid’s favourite cartoon character and knowing that the chocolate is rather cheap and bland? Have you ever considered not getting a chocolate advent calendar and swapping the chocolate for marshmallow? I never had until the guys from Naked Marshmallow launched a Marshmallow Advent Calendar.

The World’s first gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar

Now here’s the official blurb from Naked Marshmallow

Naked Marshmallow Advent Calender

“Behind each door, you’ll find a delicious piece of handmade gourmet marshmallow and we’ve even included a finest Belgian hot chocolate spoon with Vanilla Bean marshmallow behind the final door on Christmas Day. That’s 25 deliciously gooey pieces of heaven to savour this Christmas and a great motivator for getting out of bed first on a Winter’s morning!

Our gourmet Marshmallow Advent Calendar features six sumptuous alternating flavours which include: Salted Caramel, Candy Floss, Strawberry Cream, Gingerbread, Mint Choc Chip & S’mores! The milk chocolate spoon behind door 25 will make a delicious real hot chocolate drink and includes a classic Vanilla Bean marshmallow to be dropped on top, dunked, or just scoffed – we won’t judge!

New for 2018, you can now add on one of our pretty awesome marshmallow toasters –  so you can toast your daily marshmallow fix to ultimate gooey perfection.  Our marshmallow toaster add-on kit includes 1 x marshmallow toaster, 24 x bamboo skewers and 1 x toasting instruction guide, all of which will last for the duration of your sumptuously sweet Christmas countdown.”


The Advent calendar is slightly bigger in size than your standard Supermarket Chocolate advent Calendar.

Each door holds a random flavoured Marshmallow, each marshmallow is more than a bite size, it’s just the right size. I didn’t want to roast the Marshmallows and just ate them straight from the calender itself. However, you can buy a roasting kit  direct from Naked Marshmallows.

I took the advent calendea to my office where I work and let the boys and girls in the office sample goodies and I would get more varied review.

Each person in the office would get a random door number to open, I didn’t let them know the flavour – it’s written on the inside of each door. They had 10seconds to work out the flavour. Everyone got every flavour correct apart from Candy floss.

The size of each marshmallow was just enough, not too little and not too big, just the right amount to enjoy the flavour. These marshmallows are amazing, the texture, the taste, the smell, not your normal marshmallows you would buy from the supermarket.

It was hard to pick a favourite flavour on the office. The traditional camping S’more flavour went down a treat. But our top flavours in no particular order.

Naked Marshmallow Advent Calender

-Strawberry cream
-Mint choc chip


And least favourite was Candyfloss, we all agreed in the office, that it didn’t really taste of candyfloss, it just tasted like standard marshmallows.

Convinced yet to get one for your little or even yourself??

As you can see, there’s flavours for everyone in the Naked Marshmallow Advent Calendar.

If you’re a marshmallow fan I would highly recommend you get this advent calendar over the standard boring Peppa Pig or Fireman Sam Chocolate Advent Calendar (other chocolate advent calenders are available)

Naked Marshmallow Advent Calendar


The  design of the Calender


Is the Cost worth it?


Vartiety of flavours


Size of eah marshmallow



  • Good Quality Marshmallow
  • lovely flavours
  • great package design


  • We didn't like the candy floss