Recently after the numerous appearances of my Daughter- Producer Grace on the recent vlogs & Podcasts, I’ve been asked if I have any tips/advice on taking young children i.e. Babies/toddlers camping.

It got me thinking as I haven’t taken Grace camping yet as she’s a bit young and hasn’t hinted to me that she wants to go camping at night. We’ve done camping in her bedroom making dens, but we as of yet haven’t done a night camp in the garden.


I take my Scouts camping quite often, but they are of an older age ( 10.5 to 14 years old)


So I posted the question on my Facebook page and asked someone bloggers for their advice and this is what they came up with…….


  • Going with other families is good … warm clothes and footwear…. Kids get grouchy if cold.
  • Fires if possible … we used to camp with a group of families and have communal barbecues and bonfires on the beach with singing. Always had a tent big enough for everyone to get in if weather bad and had games , tricks and sing songs.
  • First night bed time usually much later than when at home, second night earlier. Have them helping where they can.



  • Plenty of adults to supervise.
  • When it rained we went swimming or paddling only good in the Sumner though.
  • Have a Pre camp backyard camp.


Take book and plenty of lights for rainy times and board games.



I was 3 months old when I first went camping, earliest memories of camping were doing craft packs when it rained.


  • tight lights out at night because they will be shattered the next day trading post game for all weather’s. great ice breaker for groups of kids getting together 🙂
  • small tents. no more then 4 or 5 people per tent.


Cut up pool noodles on the bottoms of the ropes – the amount of times they are tripped over is reduced and injuries minimised! Also, roll up clothes in outfits, i.e. top, bottoms, pants, socks all rolled together to make it easier to grab each morning 🙂



  • Massive tent with an indoor space for playing in. Take colouring, Lego, iPads and dvd’s. One of those fold away tables is a must for eating at or colouring at. Used a travel cot when my youngest was 1. Gave her a safe space.
  • Big trug doubles as a washing/washing up bowl and small child bath!


Big Man in the woods tip I Always take a kid’s baby bath for washing up the dishes and throw in a dishwater tablet

  • We camped in the garden, to get used to odd rustles and night noises etc. Took family games for rainy days, uno, quiz books, colouring etc. And make sure there are dedicated tasks for the kids when you pitch, e.g. being in charge of fetching water, counting tent pegs out, inflating beds.
  •  Oh, wind up torches or those squeezy ones for the kids, no flat batteries and you don’t have to nag, or worry they might fall asleep with them on



  • We’ve taken our son camping twice and he’s now 27 months. Layers, layers and more layers.
  • When it came to bedtime we have a travel cot that has a “roof” on it so we put a blanket over the top of it too. It meant that it kept the heat in around him a bit .



A big thanks to everyone who suggested these helpful tips for taking babies and young children camping. I hope they have given you some ideas.