In the past 10 years I’ve been a Scout Leader, I’ve attempted to learn many things, some things I’ve conquered and learnt others not so well.

As a Scout Leader you have to have lots of fingers in different pies, spinning many plates at the same time. Not just Scouting Skills, but you must learn people skills, self-confidence, paper work, time keeping for example.


Whilst sitting having a cuppa tea during a Scout evening I started to think “Just what have been the most useful skills that I have learnt since joining Scouts?

Not saying yes to everything

I’ve always wanted to please people, something I’ve always done since being a child. Never wanting to let people down by saying No. But as you grow older, you quickly learn that saying Yes to everything isn’t possible. Now as a Scout Leader, you’re not just a Leader, you’re sometimes a counsellor, the Law enforcer, the chef, The Odd Job man who fixes jobs around the Scout Hall. As we know, there are a million and one jobs to be done to run a successful Scout Group. But at some point, you must stop taking on those extra tasks. You must learn to DELEGATE- delegation is something that I’ve learnt the past few years as Group Scout Leader, I just can’t do everything to run the Beaver Colony, Cub Pack, Scout Troop, The Exec committee and the maintenance of the Scout Hall. So, we as an Exec Committee has started to create Sub Committees, such as the Fund-Raising committee and the DIY team.


Having a bit more Self Confidence

Being brave enough to speak up and say hi to other leaders in uniform when you’re out and about or spotting someone wearing a Scarf asking them which group, they come from without feeling awkward.

Sing campfire songs and not care that I can’t sing or looking like a crazy fool when doing a silly Campfire Skit. That’s the joy of a campfire, relaxing and having some fun

Outdoor skills and fire lighting/ Bushcraft

Before I became a Scout Leader, I had no camping experience at all. Fire lighting? Ha! No chance, I could barely light a match let alone build a campfire. But over time, learning skills from others such as the Practical Skills course, I’ve developed a love of Practical Outdoor Skills in particular Fire lighting, so much so, that I’ve joined a team of fellow Scout Leaders that are known as BushScout.

Fire lighting


Never ever take yourself too seriously.

Goes without saying really doesn’t it? Life is too short to take yourself seriously all the time. Let your hair down, have a laugh and if you make a fool of yourself, just laugh it off and try again.

Hearing my name being shouted from somewhere on camp and automatically picking up the first aid kit

My full-time job is Medical. I have over 30 years of 1st aid Experience, so I’m always the First Aider at camp, even if its not my camp. I get involved. So, when I hear my name being shouted in a certain tone, I grab my First Aid Kit, don my Gloves and run to the scene.


Seeing that every single person has a skill for something!!!

i love tea

There’s lots and lots of skills being used in Scouting every day. I’ve already named a few in this post already. But one skill that I always try and get my Scouts too master is the art of a good brew. Knowing how to make a good cup of tea…not adding the milk 1st, leaving the Tea bag to brew for 4 minutes, adding a dash of milk rather than a big pouring and serving the cuppa in a Decent size Mug rather than a cup or egg cup as I call it.


There you go, that’s what I’ve learnt as a Scout Leader, what have you learnt?