So, continuing with recent Vlogs & blogs, Iā€™m still teaching my children about wildlife.

We have quite a few birds visit or garden. So, I thought hey why not make them a tasty cake…. bird seed cake.

very simple to make.

*A container such as a yoghurt pot,cup or even an empty coconut shell
*Bird seed

then extra ingredients if you want to add

cheese, raisins, mealworms etc.


Melt down the lard to a liquid and pour in the seed mixture, mx it all up and then pour into your container. Pop it in the fridge over night and that’s it! simples!

You can mould it into different shapes using a cookie cutter for example or just mould it with your hands. Or like what me an Grace did, we poured it into the cup with a hole in the bottom, put some string through it so we can hang it from our bird table/trees.

Its so easy to do and the birds love them.