Our overall verdict "Perfect"



I’ve always used Dome tents for the past number of years, easy to put up, light weight to carry and transport and generally a good tent to use. But the last 2 years I’ve changed my style of tent and purchased a light weight single skin Tipi. As I’m 6’3 in height, the dome tent can be a bit of a struggle for me, crouching down to get changed isn’t the easiest of things so I went for a Tipi style tent to get the height. Sadly, it was a single skin tent and freeeeezing in the cold weather, with this in mind I was after a new tent, that had the height room I was after and easy to put up myself.

Thankfully I was asked to review the Quechua Air Seconds Family 4.1 XL air tent. As a reviewer I personally like to take my time to review products and actually test and use them, rather than take it out of the box and review it.

Since I recorded this vlog, I have used the 4.1XL tent in a rather windy storm- Nicked named here in the U.K. as Storm Brian. It withstood the storm, however I did have to tighten up the guy lines more often than the other tents that were pitched on the same campsite. How ever the tent withstood the battering of the storm.

The Tent design

  • CAPACITY High living room 6.5 m² with ground sheet, bedroom 210 x 280 cm.
  • WATERPROOF Tested in a shower at 200 mm water / hour / m² (tropical rain) and field tests.
  • LIVING AREA Living room 6.5 m² and 1.90 m high, comes with a groundsheet that flattens out around the door. Anti-mosquito window. Pockets on the outside of the bedroom.
  • DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT, FOLDED DIMENSIONS 1 bedroom 240 cm x 280 cm. Living room 6.5 m² with a maximum height of 190 cm. Storage cover 75 cm x 30 cm x 32 cm Weight: 12.3 kg


The tent pegs supplied aren’t the best, rather easy to bend, so I replaced them for Rock Tent Pegs.


 Pitching the Tent


All in all, it did only take a couple of minutes to get the Tent pumped up and guy lines pitched out. The more and more I use this tent, I’m pretty sure I can half the time it currently takes.

When buying this tent, MAKE SURE you purchase the pump, as this has to be purchased separately from the tent- this cost around £15.

There is also a puncture and value replace kit that comes with the tent.

Packing away the tent, is a little tricky to be honest, the 1st few uses of the tent, it took me a few attempts to pack away the tent small enough to fit back into the tent bag.

And make sure you remove the metal pole from the living room area before you roll the tent up- I’m speaking from personal experience- School boy error!!!



 My Verdict

 All in all, I really like this tent. It’s easy to pitch and take down, height wise for myself as I’m tall is great and there’s enough room for kit in the front area.

As a Scout Leader it’s a great tent to use with plenty of storage space and sleeping area.

I’m really looking forward to Family camping trips with this tent.


I would rate it 10/10