The folks at YouTube asked me to do Youtube Rewind. It’s  basically a quick vlog looking back at what Big Man in the Woods got up to in 2017.

In this Vlog I do a YouTube rewind and look back over my vlogs from 2017.

Here’s what I vlogged about…

  • I made the highly recommended “Bushcraft Boys” tinder ball fire lighters
  • Me & Grace made a camp lantern from an old drinking can, bird seed cake, nature crown, wildlife pond and made a bug house.
  • I revealed 20 questions about myself and Grace answered questions abut me for Father’s Day
  • Me & Grace planted sunflower seeds using old recycled water bottles
  • I teamed up with the Caravan and Motorhome and camped outside City Hall in London
  • I reviewed numerous things such as the AED GoPro dart and an airBeam tent from Quecha
  • I ranted about tackling Knife crime in London.
  • Grace revealed some camping hacks including an awesome way to pack clothes in your rucksack
  • We had lots of family days out such as Odds Farm, walk along the Grand Union Canal and a trip on a vintage steam train.
  • I helped assist teaching fire lighting skills to 100’s of people aged from 6yrs old up until 86 yrs. old
  • And I asked the question what to give Scout Leaders for Christmas

Its been a good year for Big man in the woods, now what will the new year of 2018 hold for us all?

Happy New Year

YouTube Rewind 2017


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