Things you only know if you’re a Beaver Leader. 

According to Beaver Leaders from 1st Facebook Scout Group…

  1. Just how many teeth children lose between the ages of 6-8!
  2. How easy Beavers can do the floss.
  3. How much a child can achieve if they get the opportunity and trust to try. And how much noise they can produce.
  4. How many funny looks you get when you’re standing in a supermarket aisle attempting to count the number of individual items inside a sealed packet.
  5. Herding cats may well be easier.
  6. They have telepathically linked bladders….. one needs a wee ….. they all do.
  7. You are not as grown up as you thought you were.
  8. Neckers apparently are a tasty snack.
  9. Any activity that takes 5 mins to complete for me takes 45 mins for a bunch of kids!
  10. Clapping three times is the magic spell for quiet.
  11. That at the end of camp there will be one pair of pants and one sock that Mr Nobody owns.
  12. They breed like gremlins. You turn round there is one turn back and there is 10!!! Take your eyes off of them again and they all disappear!!!
  13. They can smell fear!!
  14. You know 80000 different ways to play tag.
  15. That a beaver colony has its own aroma and unless you miss a few meetings you never notice that aroma.
  16. How to tie grubby shoelaces backwards without putting your knee on the wet ground.


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