You live a quiet life, and nothing can surprise you anymore. You wish! Do you think you know everything about being a Scout Leader?

Here’s 21 things that proves you’re a Scout Leader when…

Man tying his shoe laces



You do a very complicated knot to tie your shoe laces

Sarcasm is the first line of defence…

Bacon fryingYou smell like bacon and campfire on Monday morning at work


Your car is full of stuff that could indicate intentions of murder… rope, tarp, axe, saw and fire starters

Knotted rope


Sitting around a campfire is the best feeling- everyone else is in bed and quiet and you’re just watching the fire die down enjoying the quiet


Messy Car boot


The contents of your car’s boot/back seat is several pairs of walking boots, two roll mats, a first aid kit, a whistle, a couple of footballs, several patches of dried mud etc ….

Reding a book by the campfire

You are convinced your hair smells of campfire even though you haven’t been near one for 3 months.


Somebody tells you to “just tie it in a bow” and you have to stop yourself scowling.

Bow on a rope

You have absolutely no comprehension why someone would not want to sit round a campfire roasting marshmallows. I mean . . . what could be better?

Leaders talking around a campfire

Scout Icelantic tents


You have amassed enough camping equipment to shelter a small army

DiaryYou wait for camp dates before arranging family holidays.





Buying 20 pumpkins in October seems the normal thing to do.

5am on clock


You can hear young campers’ eyes open at a range of 100 metres at 05:00am.

You start conversations with… “This one time, on Scout camp…”

people talking

Photo by Kevin Curtis on Unsplash


The tea drinking badge



You don’t have a problem drinking tea either when it’s just boiled or stone cold.

JamJarsYou drink tea out of a jam jar, because you lent your cup to a scout last camp, & even though you got your cup back, it seems a waste to stop using the jar.

Any new vehicle purchase is dependant on whether it has a tow bar fitted or not

Car Tow Bar

Super market


You can’t go shopping and at least one time think “I can use that at scouts or would this be suitable for scouts.

Scout hoodieAll your clothing is scouting related.




You keep teaching people at work campfire songs or wander round singing them and getting odd looks.

Campfire inspired songs

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