I’m sat under this rather Old Oak tree looking over the harbour bay here in Devon-U.K


I’ve managed to have a little break away from the family holiday and spend an hour or so in this lovely woods in Dawlish,Devon where we are currently staying for our family summer holiday.


My plan was to record a vlog whilst I walk through the woods, but I stumbled across this lovely picnic table over looking the fields to the harbour.

I’ve actually been sat here for the past 45 minutes, enjoying the peacefulness of this woodlands, with noise from the occasional dogwalker and the pecking of a tree from the Green Woodpeckers, it’s rather peaceful here. I’ve been using the alone time to unwind from a rather hectic year, with a new Job consisting of setting up a new operating theatre, Thomas getting more mobile and Grace wanting more daddy time and a rather busy Scout Group. I hate to say this, but this past hour on my own has been heaven.

I really wish my wife came with me on this walk, with the constant family time, work commitments, scouts and our own busy personal life’s, we’ve hardly had any time on our own to spend it with each other. I really miss those days back before with had kids and just sat around talking about anything, watching crap on TV and spending all day in our pyjamas . Now our lives seems to be having Cbeebies constantly on the tv, nappy changing, arts n crafts over the kitchen table or driving to Grace’s drama class. It’s amazing having a family don’t get me wrong. I love my kids to bits and wouldn’t change them for the world, but I do miss those days of doing nothing!


I’m longing for the days, where we can go camping together as a family, I’ve tried back garden camping with Grace, but she wanted mummy. 1 thing that I cannot wait for is those boys only camping trips with my boy.

Living in central London it’s hard to escape the hussell and bussel and constant noise from people, transport, planes, rooftop air conditioning etc, it’s been nice to sit here under the oak tree and unwind, recharge my internal batteries. But now it’s time to head back to the holiday cottage and get back to family life.

Man I love my family Sooooooo much!! But I also love a little bit of time to myself.

How do you unwind and recharge your internal batteries?