So its bank holiday weekend, it’s a nice Friday evening and everyone else is fast asleep..but for how long is the question??

We were meant to be going away for a weekends camping trip teaming up with The Caravan & motor home Club who are launching a new cycle festival to encourage families to spend some quality time together in the great outdoors cycling. Unfortunately my poor boy has been struck down with some horrible bug, with a raging temperature, rash and having another round of new teeth coming through, we’ve had to cancel the trip. Family comes first in my book, this trip will come around again another time no doubt.

I’m sat here with a cuppa tea, sitting in my quiet garden listening to the birds tweeting away and singing goodnight, huddled around my garden lantern for light and thinking about the week that has just past and how random its been.

Monday – The last few weeks I’ve been really struggling with what was my “ GOOD” knee which is now my bad knee. I had an MRI scan on Monday afternoon which confirmed that I have torn some cartilage and will require surgery to treat it.

And then the real sad news of going to bed after just reading about the horrendous bombing in the Manchester Arena.

Tuesday– I work up at my usual 5am alarm call ready to start a good days work. As I woke up I started to vaguely remember reading something about a bomb in Manchester, I thought it was a dream. As I picked up my phone, it was confirmed that I wasn’t dreaming and after numerous “Breaking News stories” appearing on my phone, my eyes started to fill up as I started to read about the death toll rising and the amount of children caught up in this horrendous ordeal. My kids are still young, 4yrs old and 1yrs old. I cannot imagine my life without them and I have no idea what these parents are going through not knowing where their children are or if they sadly passed away without their knowledge. As I am typing this blog, 5 days later, I can feel tears rolling down my face.

Wednesday saw me head off to Covent Garden in the evening after work to attend a launch party of Bosch’s latest product on the market- Their Smart home system. In a nut shell it’s an electronic hub that you can control your central heating, home lights, smoke detector and security cameras, all liked up via wifi and an app that you can control all this on your smart phone. They also had a washing machine that you can control on your phone, a “smart” fridge, a cool electric Bike- completely out of my budget to buy . Also being show cased that night was a cool little power tool called the Nano Blade- The first of its kind, unique technology designed by Bosch, it cuts through wood like butter when I had a play with it. Its frigging amazing and I might have to get my hands one to add to my collections of power tools- boys and their toys eh?

Thursday is Scouts night, and what a challenge this would turn out to be. I had the random idea of tidying up the garden or as my scouts like to refer to it as the “The wildlife zone” with Grass about 3 foot height and stinging nettles averaging around 7 foot tall it was certainly challenging, especially as I didn’t come prepared like a good Boy Scout should, I was dressed in shorts and a t shirt. After god knows how many stinging nettles attacking me , the garden was transformed into a semi reasonable garden with thanks to my ever helpful cub Leader. Whilst waiting for the Scouts to return from their walk around the local area I received a call from my wife to return home as my boy was rather unwell and Grace refusing to sleep. THE HEAVY GUNS WAS CALLED IN- DADDY!!! I TOOK NO PRISONERS- got Grace into bed and asleep within record timing.

I also learnt that wearing flip flops whilst wearing socks is now fashion……. WTF!

Friday– the hottest day of the year so far in London- 26 degrees.

You see all sorts in London, I’m telling you!!! I went to work looking rather casual today, shorts and a shirt and I was still sweating on my journey to work. But I also saw some sights on the way home…….

• A girl in a Parker jacket with her fur hood up, pulled in tight around her face

• A lady wearing a knitted woollen dress

• A man wearing a shirt and a thick woollen black jumper and a scarf wrapped around him.

• A man wearing a 3 piece suit, bowler hat, with no bead of sweat on him.


Bring on this Bank Holiday Break , I need it