I’ve been wanting to write a blog post titled “Scout Leader Confessions” for some time now and I feel now is the right time to do so.

It was great fun reading other Scout Leader’s confessions.

I asked numerous Scout Leaders from around the world for their confessions and agreed not to mention their name or Scout Group.


But first here is my personal confession to get the ball rolling …



A few years ago, whilst on a Scout Camp at around midnight just after the campfire has died down, we called it a night and all of us heading back to our tents, I popped to the toilet inside the scout hut that we were using as a backup in case of bad weather but also it had the toilets in them. After using the boy’s room, I pulled the main door closed. It was then I had realised I had locked us all out of the hut. The door latch wasn’t on as it had been all day, I closed it and bang the door slammed shut, locking all of us out!

I tried the door and realised it was well and truly locked, I tried the old credit card trick but that didn’t work. We couldn’t get in, all the others doors were padlocked up with the keys locked inside. We managed to prize off the security grill to the toilet window and send in the smallest scout that we woke up.

After getting access back into the hut and a quick debrief with the other leaders of what happened etc, I then blamed a scout who was sleep walking from their tent to the boy’s toilets. It was the only excuse I could think on the spot when I was quizzed by my GSL.


So GO ON….. what’s your confession?

I took the clock away and told the cubs at sleepover at about 11:30pm it was 3am and to go to sleep. Few days later a parent emailed me to say sorry they kept you up to 3am!

A bit embarrassing never the less amusing and involves bodily functions.

I am a little precious when it comes to toilets, in fact it can become quite a challenge to locate one which makes me feel relaxed enough to perform certain essential bodily functions. Imagine my horror when we arrived in camp and I discovered that the promised ‘clean toilets’ were housed in a shed and far from my definition of use able.

My bowels at that point dried up until two days in when after a hearty breakfast the familiar groaning in the guts began. Beads of sweat started to form as panic set in that I would have to actually sit on the porcelain throne rather than hover over the top and reluctantly I trundled off to the shed.

Trusty hand sanitiser at the ready I wiped every surface before sitting myself down and practicing the breathing exercises I used in labour as my stomach cramped and gurgled. Finally, the ordeal was over and I flushed the toilet…

That’s when it happened. Rather than descending the toilet and disappearing, my offerings in all their glory started rising up in the pan, and I realised with horror that not going to the loo for so long had created a monster of a poo, this thing was enormous in every way and had blocked the old toilet. There was no toilet brush and no way of removing the thing which was now waving at me from a few inches away from the top of the pan.


So, I stuffed some tissue paper on the top, snuck into the other toilet waited a couple of minutes and then flushed that one and left. About half an hour later another leader approached me and said that one of the toilets were out of bounds. With my best innocent look, I asked why to which the answer was ‘some kid has taken the world’s largest Poo and it’s blocked the pipes, the poor caretaker is up to his elbow trying to dislodge it’.

Needless to say, I put on my best shocked face and mumbled something about never using camp toilets again before dashing off to sort my Cubs out!


On one camp all of the leaders put their watches forward one hour and got the scouts to go to bed early 😉

One of the underground mines that we use for scout trips has a 4-digit code to open the door. I forgot to get the code from the land owner the night before. So, while no one was looking, especially the kids, I slipped the lock with a credit card…. sssshhhhhh. breaking and entering.

Locked Gate

Drawing planets on the floor for beavers space badge relative distances apart with chalk… ran out of space so went out the back… 5 mins later time to go back in and the fire door had blown shut… only there is a locked security gate between me, 7 beavers and the front door and the other leaders are inside… left them drawing on the floor whilst I climbed the gate, got my hands covered in anti-vandal paint and legged it through the building to open the back door again 🤣 I carry a set of gate keys at all times now!

I once underestimated the ability of a school group I was working with on an expedition in Tanzania. They finished a section of the Usambara mountains much earlier than I anticipated so I slyly told them that what they thought was there finish point was just in fact a check point. I then gave them coordinates that sent them off on a big loop for about another 2 hours so that I could finish reading the book I’d taken with me.nce helping at Cubs. They wanted to play sleeping lions, and having rushed from work, run Beavers and then being at Cubs I though, OK. Easy life, let’s do it.

So we are playing this game and surprisingly the gobby kid of the pack is one of the last two. We shall call him Johnny.

Sleeping Lions

I tried to trick the other boy to no avail. He was having none of it.
I then said Johnny, well done, you’ve won, Fred just moved.
Johnny jumps up shouting wahoo, oh yeah, I’m the best. The notices Fred still lying still.
At this point his face drops and he bursts in to tears.
I felt awful after, but for a couple of seconds, I thought, gotcha.

On an event camp we had a group from the SAS cooking for our Cubs. The food was so bad that I didn’t eat anything. One evening myself and the other leaders organised a wide game where I had to hide. I didn’t hide I drove to McDonald’s for a burger.

We had a cub who was being extremely annoying. One of the other leaders sent him to me for a long wait. I had him waiting for 5 minutes before sending him back to ask one of the other leaders if there was a colour preference. This went on for about 30mins until we got extremely bored.

I got to the New Forest where I forgot my tent poles and had to construct my tent using only cordage. Then I tried to make a Dakota Fire pit only for the rangers to come along. Was so funny as I had seen them coming so I quickly kicked all the dirt back in the pit. Just as both rangers arrived the first one stood exactly where the fire had been and was asking where the fire was and that I’m not allowed to camp here.


After explaining that he was standing exactly where the fire was and that I had done a Dakota the second ranger was quite gutted as he had wanted to see one actually working.
After that I walked them around my site showing them the bag I used to pick up rubbish on my way in, also inside the tent I had things laid out accordingly so they were begrudgingly impressed and told me I could stay the night but no fires and that I should be gone by the morning. Moral of the story, keep a clean site, don’t argue when you are in the wrong and always make sure you check what you have packed.

We’re on a summer camp in Wales. We take the Scouts to a swimming pool. As soon as we get there I count them… as I did before we left…. One missing… “Wait where’s (name)”? The leader whose car he should have been in said, “Oh, I thought he’d gone with someone else” …
Panic stricken I realise he’s been left behind…! I send the other leaders and Scouts into the pool, jump in the car and scream back to our greenfield campsite.
I find the Scout standing at the gate with a faraway look on his face (as this was the sort of kid he was). “Where did you go”? He asked… “I went back to the tent for a jumper” …. (after I’d counted them)!!!
“Oh”, I said… “I thought I’d drop off the other Scouts while you fetched your… err, jumper….

Confessions of a Scout Leader


So now the question is…. What’s your Scout Leader Confession?


Comment below with your confession 🙂