A few weekends ago the girls went out to  Grace’s  friend’s house which left just left me and my son and the start of what would become an amazng Daddy & Son bonding day.

Trying to be a cool Daddy by dressing up as Gekko from PJ Masks

I could’ve taken the easy option and just sit on the sofa and watch a PJ Mask marathon mixed up with some Lego Man which I know my boy would love to of done. We could just sit on the sofa eating biscuits and drinking milky tea…

Instead I wanted to spend some time outside and show and explain to my Son why I love being out in the great outdoors.

The River Brent with green trees

We headed down to the local River- The River Brent. The River Brent is a river in west and Northwest London, England, and a tributary of the River Thames. 17.9 miles (28.8 km) in length. It joins up to the River Thames in Brentford.

Armed with a few snacks and drinks, we walked along the river bank, watching the ducks and swans swimming on the river.

We both noticed how dirty the river and the banks of the river are. Covered mainly in plastic rubbish aswell as the traditional dumped mopeds, shopping trolleys and 2 bicycles.

Next we headed to the railway arches, the River Brent at this time of the year is rather low. My son was convinced he saw a crocodile lying low in the river under the railway arches. I explained to him that crocodiles don’t live in the rivers here in London, but he wasn’t having any of it! “No Daddy!! There is a crocodile over there, I can see it!!” sometimes, you just have to go with it and agree that there’s a crocodile swimming in the River Brent in West London.

We then walked a little bit more along side the River Brent, spotting a lovely tree in the shade, we both plonked our bums down and sat under this lovely tree, sipping on our cool refreshing drinks and nibbled on some crisps.

Next stop was to the park and a Sneaky ice cream before heading home.

I really wish I could have more of these Father and Son day’s together. But sadly the reality is, back to work and count down the days to the weekend for our next family adventures.

Who knows, in a few years time we could be Canoeing  down the River Thames instead of walking along the banks.