As a keen Scout Leader, I often get asked for camping “Hacks”, it’s not a term that I personally use to be honest, I much prefer using the word tips or tricks.

I was recently asked my a relatively un experienced new Scout Leader for “Hacks” for surviving her 1st Summer Camp with her Scout troop.

What I’ve done is ask a number of Scout Leaders from around the world for their “hacks”. but before I tell you these awesome idea’s , here’s my 2.

1) Take some time out each day to have some “down time” to yourself.
2) Make sure you drink. It’s very easy to forget such a simple thing as drinking water when you’re busy running a camp, looking after the young people, making sure they get to the booked activity on time etc

So here’s 15 “How to survive your 1st Summer Camp as a Scout Leader” hacks.

James- Keep your tent tidy – it’s easy to just chuck things in as you run around looking after the others and then you can’t find that pair of socks you need.

Donna – Sun cream yourself as well as the by young people.

Mark – For me, don’t forget to eat, its too easy to not eat, as you are involved with feeding the kids.


Wayne- Have fun and try to join in with some activities it helps build up the bond with your group

James – My wife (ex-Guider) says put your wellies upside down before going to bed!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Nik- Bring a sense of humour πŸ™‚

James – There is no requirement to stay up later than the kids – when they are asleep get your head down

Mark – Take a luxury item. Whether it’s something as simple as your own loo roll or tea bags. I’ve had assistant leaders who can be brought back from the brink with earl grey tea when on camp.

This has been mentioned quite a few times to it must be good advice…
Karen – Don’t be afraid to ask ……. for help, advice, clarification etc. I always ask other more experienced leaders if I’m on camp. (Newly appointed Skip of 42nd Ormskirk Scouts!)

John – Breathe…….. sometimes dealing with scouts is like “Herding cats 🐱 in a potato πŸ₯” sack.”

Mark- Don’t be afraid to interact with the kids! This is my fav pic from my last camp, I’m the one wearing glasses !

Roger – Enjoy and have fun, ensure you have sleep, and eat, time out, chat among your colleagues at end of day, with a drink, and above all enjoy,

Sarah – Make sure you have a comfortable bed. My leadership team think I’m camping for a month but I have to be warm and get my sleep😴😴
40th Leicester Scouts.

Olga- Try and get to camp ground earlier than kids and put your own tent uo first. That way after helping all the kids and light has faded your not putting your own tent up in the dark.

And finally from James – Have a good time. Have a laugh and a joke with the kids, just remember they will get their own back if you play any tricks on them.


Have I missed any “Hacks” that you use? If so, pop them in the comments below this blog.