Every now and then at work, we can surprise ourselves by actually having an intellectual conversation and actually sound rather grown up,

Unlike our normal work chats going along the lines of  “did you see strictly last night or did you go to the gym after work?”

Today’s talk was about my lack of alcohol consumption. I often get questioned on why I don’t drink alcohol- I must admit I may have a cider or two around the campfire but that’s about it. In my 37years of being alive, I have never got “smashed” to the extent where I’m not in control of my actions. I’ve been merry but never paralytic.


What’s your favourite beverage?


Fellow friends, past and present working colleagues still find this rather odd that I “don’t drink”. It can be rather annoying after the 10th time of trying to explain the reasons why- I use the phrase “for personal reasons” and I’m still questioned about it.

Today, I actually came out with the real reason as to why I “don’t drink” and the room suddenly went quite.

I don’t feel I nees to tell and try to explain the reasons for me preferring a cuppa tea over a pint of larger. I do enjoy having a cold bottle of corona in the sunshine putting the words to right with my Brother in law, but after 1 bottle I’m done with alcohol and ready for a pint of tea – woah can you imagine a pint of tea- that would be heaven to me.

What’s the big deal if I don’t drink, don’t even get more started on smoking or taking a line of cocaine like the majority of people I know.

No thanks to alcohol

Fancy something on the rocks?

I was asked when was the last time I drank? I was trying to work this out with my colleagues at work today and I think it was roughly 6 months ago and even then it was 1 corona just to be social. Also being a dad and having “Daddy Duties” to do the next morning is a great excuse to escape from the next round or a works after drinks get together.

During today’s discussion I said I would be very happy to go up to a bar and order a cup of tea rather than an alcoholic beverage, 1 of my Co workers said she would never in a million years order a cup of tea in a pub. But I honestly can’t understand why this would be a problem or embarrassing.

time for a brew

Kettle’s on- whose up for a cuppa?

It feels likes it’s a major thing for people when I say I don’t drink and their faces are shocked and you can genuinely see it in their eyes and then I wait for the question….

So how do you have fun at a party ? That question I have been asked 100’s of times and my answer is exactly the same answer that I say time and time again ” I don’t need alcohol to have a good time”, I still get up and have a laugh and do a spot of Dad style dancing and embarrasse my wife whilst busting out my dance moves. I know how I got home, I wake up the next morning without feeling rough with a ranging hang over and I also remember the following night.

Well that’s my little rant over now, feels good writing it down and releasing the little pressure value.

If you need some help with your alcohol intake, speak to your GP or contact Rehab4addictions



So I don’t drink alcohol, what’s something that you do and get constant comments about it? Comment below and tell me what it is.