When I go camping with my scouts, its tiring!!! Whether its just a weekend or a week away for summer Camp there’s no denying its hard work and I’m zonked by the end of it.


To make it a little easier, us Scout Leaders are guilty of taking a like “Guilty Pleasure” to help us along the way. If you’re a regular listening to my podcast you would know my Guilty Pleasure is Jaffa Cakes. I have a stash of them in my tent, its not a secret, this keeps me going and helps me when I’m in need of a quick chocolate fix.

“ What’s your camping Guilty Pleasure?”

So I set this question to Scout Leaders from around the world and here’s some I picked out from a rather long list…


  • Marmite
  • Mars Bars
  • Top of Form
  • My she wee
  • Foot balm
  • Vanilla cigars
  • A flacon glenfiddich
  •  Bottle of Barrs Iron Bru
  • Coffee
  • Hot water bottle. Yes even in summer. I hate cold feet keeping me awake!
  • A drop of Rum when I’m”off duty’ in the cocoa…
  •  Whisky
  •  Cheese and Biscuits
  •  A bottle of port
  •  Rice crackers and camenbert
  •  Bottles of lemonade
  •   My Tilley lamps
  •  White chocolate with rice crisps.
  •  Coffee and twisttes
  • PG Tips
  •  Fresh Fruits
  • A bottle of water in my tent , as I’m always thirsty in the morning after late night nattering …
  •  Cake
  • Wine gums
  •  Fake spider
  • MY pillow! Have pillow, will travel, camp, sleep anywhere, anytime!!!
  • My dog
  • Camp blanket
  • Jelly babies
  •  Ear plugs
  •  My 20+ year old ted Noel
  • A book





Cake, Sweets , alcohol and a Hot Water Bottle seems to be common Camping Guilty Pleasures of Scout Leader’s.


If yours is not the list, comment below and tell me what your Guilty Pleasure is