Today The UK Scout Association (The Scouts) has announced a new “strategy” for the future of The Scouting movement which includes new branding and an updated fleur-de-lis logo. The past few weeks or so leading up to the new branding launch day has made quite a bit of a stir and rattled some cages with fellow Scout Leader’s in the UK, even though no one had officially seen the new branding.

The old scout ‘swoosh’ logo which was introduced in 2001 has been replaced by a rather contemporary iconic fleur-de-lis which to be honest I rather like.

I know some folk don’t like change and find it hard to understand the need to re brand or change the current Scout Logo, I’ve recently read quite a few comments and seen the popular quote “if it isn’t broke, why fix it?” being used a fare fee times.Which is true to an extent, but corporate logo’s do need updating to keep up with the modern times and look fresh. Just take a look at a well known UK brand that I’ve been brought up with since a kid, growing up I. The 80’s it was known as Children’s BBC and now CBeebies, how many logo changes have they had over the year’s, same goes for Doritos for example, their original logo back in 1964 has to resemblance to its present logo. Change will ways happen and people will always get upset with moving forwards and changing what they know and feel comfortable with.


This is now the 5th rebranding of the UK Scout association logo, the 1st logo being from 1908.