There’s no denying Scouting is as much fun for an Adult as well as for the young people in our sections. As I write this post it’s “International Volunteers Day” 2018

An estimated 14.2 million people formally volunteered at least once a month in 2015/16

  • Mean hours of volunteering by regular volunteers remain stable, with regular volunteers giving on average 11.6 hours per month
  • The value of formal volunteering was estimated to be £22.6bn in 2015

Scout Leader's

Yes Scouting is a youth led movement and its amazing to give all these opportunitues to the youth of today such as Kayaking down the river Thames, JOTI, a world Jamboree. All these lead to learning life skills  but what about the leaders who give up so much of their own time for others. But why? Why would I want to look after other people’s children for free? I don’t get paid a penny but spend alot of my own time planning and prepping for Scout’s every week and planning for the next Troop camping weekend.

I’m not going to talk about the wood bead training and how good it looks on your C.V. Infact I’m going tell you about my personal highlights and what I get out of being a Scout Leader.

I’ve seen so many smiles on my Scout face’s over the years. As a Scout Leader I’m also fortunate that I’ve travelled around the U.K teaching not just young people but other Leader’s and volunteers my Bushcraft Skills with the folks from Bushscout.


Gilwell reunion

A few years ago at Gilwell Reunion, I was on the BushscoutArea teaching Leader’s Fire Lighting Skills. During  day 2 of Gilwell Reunion, 2 women came up to me and explain that all their years in Scouting (30+yrs) they have never used a fire steel to light a fire and have always used a match and felt like they have cheated. Now 30 years later they  wanted to learn how to light a fire using a Fire Steel as they have seen so many of the young people use them. We spent some time going over basic fire lighting skills, tinder and kindling how to build different styles of camp fire and then they cracked it, they learnt the technique of using a Fire Steel. I will never forget their glowing smiley faces, I really wish I could of taken a photo of their smiles.

Fire Lighting

2 years ago again at Gilwell Reunion, the same as the above, Bushscout stand, a Lady who works in a reenactment museum, needed to learn how to use traditional flint and steel (not fire steel) , so I set about teaching her how to use flint and steel, how to make Char Cloth and then how to make a bird’s nestand techniques of using Flint n steel. This year(2018) she came back to the Bushscout Stand and she told us how she had used those techniques at her Museum and couldn’t thank us enough and the museum visitors have loved watching her use these fire lighting techniques.

I was helping at a community event teaching once again fire lighting skills (surprise surprise there!!) , when a mum came up to me and explained that her son has ADHR and struggles with his attention span. After 3 of 4 attempts the child stomped off screaming that he couldn’t use a fire steel. I promised him that I would get him to light a fire. And guess what after a few more attempts we had a fire going and we sat around toasting marshmallows.

Fire lighting

Teaching Beaver’s that in the correct situation and with respect a fire is safe & fun. Then teaching them how to make a fire and then giving them their 1st s’more.

Being invited to City Hall  to have Dinner with Boris Johnson as a thank you for giving up valuable time to Volunteer in London.

Lunch with Mr speaker at the house of commons for Scout Day taking 2 scouts with me and watching 1 of those Scours take a sandwich, having his 1st bite and not liking it and then hiding that sandwich in 1 if the many plant pots in Mr Speaker’s House – Classic move !!F

Also a few other favourite’s

  • Filming a scout documentary about the London Olympics at sky studios in Syon Park
  • The smiles on the faces of the children when they achieve something they thought they couldn’t do.
  • Making many Friends from around the world thanks to Scouts .


I just want to say an awesome THANK YOU to EVERYONE that I know that volunteers for giving up their time to help others.

Not just Scout Leader’s but to everyone who volunteers for what ever charity.