Last Sunday I was invited along to a local Cub Pack to teach “Bushscout”  fire lighting.


Most of the Cubs have never lit a Fire before. Some  more nervous than others to have a go in front of the Cub Pack.


I walked them around the campsite woods and explained how Mother Nature has a whole load of ways of lighting a Fire using natural materials.  We wouldn’t be using matches, petrol, fire Starters,  only things we found in the woods.


For example,  silver birch bark, fat wood, solar.

We got back to Base and I started my demo, during this explanation I noticed a young female cub shying away from trying herself. I could tell she really wanted to have a go but didn’t have the confidence to try it in front of the others.


Most of the cubs successfully lit a Fire the 1St time,others needed a few more goes or assistance from myself.  Next up was this little young girl, I could tell from her eyes she wanted to prove herself wrong and a few of the other boys that she could get her fire lit.

Before she attempted to light her fire, I whispered to her a few “tricks of the trade” on how she could get it lit 1St time.  the little cub tried 3 or 4 times it might of even been 5. Her eyes started to fill with tears. There was no way I was going to let this little cub get defeated nor would I allow her to cry. I took her to one side,  calmed her down and she told me she was shy and nervous in front of the other cubs.  We chatted for a few moments and I set a little seed in her head. A quote that our Chief Scout- Bear Grylls has said on many occasions “Never give up”

Her eyes stopped filling up, she wiped away her tears and walked back to the camp circle to light her fire. The other cubs cheered with joy as she walked with determination to get her fire going. I could see it in her eyes, she looked to me and whispered “Never give up”.


On her 2nd attempt she did it!!


She got her fire lot. Ok it might of taken more attempts than the others, but she did it.

Maybe some of the cubs had luck on their side rather than skill. Who knows!


But I was more impressed with this little young female cub for not giving in and for not giving up in front of the others.


So if your struggling with something,  at work, at home or like this girl lighting a Fire and it’s just not working


Count to 10 and say to yourself “never give up”