My Sunday Photo this weekend is 1 of my favourite camping gadgets my Solar phone Charger.

It chargers just as quick as if you put your charger in the plug socket in your house.


It’s light weight and this 1 is waterproof. I use it at home when I’m not away camping.

Solar chargers mean you can keep your USB devices charged upwithout having to rely on a mains power supply, or a battery – while using a sustainable source of power.

The most straightforward way to compare them is a ratio of power to smartphone battery life, or Wh output. Around 10Wh is sufficient for a slower charge (for example, 12 watts takes one hour and 50 minutes to charge an iPhone 6), while 100-200Wh is a super-quick power-up.

With all these solar chargers, real sunlight is required. But it doesn’t matter if it’s overcast – it’s the UV rays which give the chargers life.

I think this is just the start of using solar in the camping world.

Next you’ll be telling me you can start a Fire using the power of the sun……….Oh hang on!

I bought my mobile solar chargers from here