Here’s my review on the Brazilian Tarp Hat.

I’ve been looking for a new camping hat for sometime. And just when I gave up the hunt, I was told. About a Brazilian Tarp Hat Company that produce hats from recycled the tarp that covers the lorries from the Amazon.

The Brazilian Tarp Hat


Amazonas Tarp hats and accessories are hand made in Brazil on the edge of the Amazonian rainforest, they are made using recycled Brazilian Lorry Tarpaulins from open cargo trucks that run from Amazonas in the North west to the south of Brazil along thousands of miles of unmade red dust laden tracks with rain, sun & dust ageing the material in a way that no factory could ever replicate. The material is then washed and prepared ready to be made into original Hats and accessories around.

Every Tarp hat is a one off, no two are the same -you will never find an identical hat in the whole of the world — no mass produced hat that everyone else is wearing. Every hat has its own unique character. They are made from various colours of materials,some may have patches,seams, repaired holes, some of the tarp have Portuguese text on the tarp hats, I’m guessing from lorry signage.

The Brazilian Tarp Hat

I had the wide brim sun hat sent to me, I measured my head circumference to get the required size hat. I order the XL size. It fits so well and very comfortable on my head. I love the style of the taro hat, how unique it is and I felt the hat wondering where these steps have travelled in their previous life in the side of the amazon lorry. If only these could talk!

I’ve personalised my tarp hat with my Scout Leader wood beads and a few pin badges.

If you’re tempted on getting your hands on one of these tarp hats like mine, you can order here.

The Brazilian Tarp Hat

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