Everyone has a fear, be it the dark, clowns, spiders, heights – imagine an event where you could confront them all at once! Welcome to Scarefest!

Scarefest 2018

Several hundred Scouts and Explorers spent the last weekend in October exploring the spookier side of Gilwell Park. With special themed activities and late night scares my Scouts were guaranteed an action packed Spooky weekend.


It was a rather cold, wet and sometimes sunny weekend but the Scouts and Leaders battled on even if someone did acquire our washing up liquid at the communal washing up area and also i forgot to buy butter for the sandwiches.

Scarefest 2018


With activities such as Tomahawk throwing with the guys from Bushscout, laser tag, haunted mazes, bumper cars, archery and a giant slide to name a few aswell as the static Gilwell activities like the 3G swing and rock climbing , the scouts had a bash at all of them….apart from my self as I refused to visit the haunted mazes. I don’t do haunted mazes/houses!!


It was a great activity weekend for both Scouts and Leaders.

Scarefest 2018

For the Scouts it’s non stop activities from 10am right through the day stopping approx 17:00for dinner and then re starting at 20:00-22:30.


For leaders it was a rather easy camp to run, as all we had to do was to provide the meals. We could of had it even easier and there is an option for catering on site for breakfast, lunch and Dinner.


The weather was rather cold I must admit, with the leaders donning all of their layers. Aoife ( Scout Leader) winning the challenge of how many layers can someone wear- she had counted she had on 8 layers.


It was an amazing weekend which saw us administer out only 1 plaster to a Scout. Who would of thought you can cut your finger on a tub of Butter?!

Our Young leader trying his hand at Fire swinging

We even managed to spend some programme planning whilst the Scouts spent the day running loose around Gilwell Park.

Scarefest 2018

Vlogging Selfie

I even got the leaders to participate in recording a vlog with me about the Highs and lows of being a Scout Leader.


All in all we had a great weekend.


The highs for the scouts being allowed the freedom to do what ever they wanted, Laser Tag and the 3G swing seemed to be very popular with my Scouts.

The lows we all agreed was the cold weather and the rather loud explorer group camping next to us who had a portable speaker and microphone, credit to him he did manage to get quite alot of us on the camping field to dance to Cotton Eye Joe.


As leaders we all said that its an amazing camp, well organised with plenty of activities for the Scouts and Explorers to do themselves without he supervision of us Leaders. However, we thought is was a camp that you would want to do every other year rather than every year.


Scarefest 2018