I’ve never written a bucket list before so I thought I’d do one . So this year I’m starting as I mean to go on, with a kinda long  Scout Leader bucket list, checking off items each month when they have been completed.

I liked the idea of making a check list,  That way I can print my bucket list off and see how well I’m doing without even logging onto the computer.  Sometimes it’s nice to have it in paper form. I’ve even created a printer friendly bucket list to save your ink.

If you want to download my bucket list for yourself  then it’s in PDF Format just to make life easy for you.

Bucket List for Scout Leader

What can you tick off this list already?

How many do you think you could tick off by the end of this year?

I’ve personally done a few of these already

Gilwell Reunion

Carved a spoon

Built a Bug House

Got my Woodbeads

Made armpit Fudge

I’ve met the UK Chief Scout