Our overall verdict "Excellent"

I do love my food there’s no denying that and this doesn’t stop when I go camping with my Scouts or friends. Camping food can taste as good as home cooked food.

Infact I think food cooked on the campfire tastes great, and no I’m not talking about the standard Spag Bol or Chilli, you can actually cook some decent meal on the campfire, such as Ponassing a salmon and cooking, chucking some spuds on the embers to make Jacket Potatoes, a good stew cooked in a Dutch Oven, kebabs skewered on a willow stick. But what do you cook when your on a Troop Hike or unable to have an open fire…..you use the good old trusted gas stove or if your lucky a Jet boil. There’s so many options these days for “camping food”.

Recently I was asked to review some new products from the guys over at Summit to Eat– they have a range of freeze dried meals. The provide meals for Breakfast, Mains and desserts.

Breakfast– Scrambled egg with cheese, Oats with raspberry

Mains – Pasta Bolognese, chicken Tikka with rice, chicken fajita in rice, beef stew, macaroni cheese, vegetable chilli with rice, salmon and broccoli pasta, chicken fried rice

Desserts– custard apple crunch, rice pudding, chocolate mousse

These meals cost £5.50 apart from the Desserts which retail at £4.50. These prices as of January 2018.

Chicken tikka with rice and Beef stew with Potato

I’ve had packet meals in the past and they haven’t really lived up to expectations. Yes you get what you pay for, but at least make the food taste what it’s labelled on the package.

So a few Sundays ago I headed down to Essex to do a days carving with my good Scouting pal Old man woodcraft. He brought along the tea and milk ad I supplied the days food which was the Summit to eat mains and desserts.

The plan was to make a reindeer and snowman out of silver birch.

The snowman and Reindeer I made

It was a good snowy Sunday and we was doing well making our Wooden reindeers. They say time flies when your having fun and before we knew it, it was lunch time.

Terry picked the Beef stew and I had the Chicken Tikka.

We bowled the kettle on our open fire. We read the instructions on the back of the packet. Take out the oxygen packet and will with boiling water to the required level, reveal the bag and wait for 9 minutes.

Whose up for a brew?

Simple enough we both said out loud!

The water was boiled, we filled the instructions and resealed the bag and waited.

The weight of each packed weighs hardly anything so if your worried about weight in your backpack you have nothing to worry about.

9 minutes was up, we open up the steaming food packets and the smell of my chicken curry was rather spicy. The look of the food was rather of put ting I I’m being 100{3ba14dfa2581c6dcc99a9c7b421b3f63ffcf8dee67c53c30cc1228586a3e42ce}. They say you eat more with your eyes than you do with taste. This didn’t put me off as I’ve seen worse from previous meals cooked by my Scouts.

beef stew -Before adding boiling water

Chicken tikka – Make sure you take out the oxygen packet before adding the water.

Myself and Terry tucked into our food. With the odd “mmmmm” “ooooo this is goood” coming from Terry our mains was fully digested.

I had good chunks of chicken tikka and the rice was cooked well. Terry enjoyed his Beef stew but said he has a few chewy bits of Beef but other than that it was good.

We both agreed the food was well cooked and seasoned and tasted great. I like my curries more spicy than this one but I guess that’s personal preference.

If the price was dropped down under £5.50 to compete with other camping/hiking food products it would be the correct pricing for this product.

So to conclude this review in the Summit to eat food packets. We would rate this 9/10

A great food source if your off hiking for the day or want a quick meal if your solo camping.