Our overall verdict "Excellent"

A while ago I was sent some Wash Wizards to review. So I gave this product to 1 of my Young leaders at my Scout Group to review. He’s aged 16, this is his review of the Wash Wizard.

Henry it’s over to you….




The Wash Wizard is a niche upcoming product which can potentially free up masses of space, and lighten the overall weight in your travel bag.

The concept is easy to grasp and the product seems seemingly simple. It’s designed in a way that you don’t need to bring endless bottles of shower gel that is inevitably going to leak all into your suit case or travel bag.

When I first glanced at the product I thought there’d be no reason for a product like this and no need for such out there on the market.I put a lot of thought about the hassle it saves and ball ache when you forget to seal up your shower gel bottles and waiting to find out if the roulette finally doesn’t go your way. It can also save you from the 100ML rules on air planes as this product doesn’t use any visible liquids, So at airports your life wouldn’t be as stressful.

I tried looking on the market for similar products but I couldn’t find anything with the same outcome as the Wash Wizard . I do believe that this isn’t a product you’d want to be using as an everyday apparel, but only when you’re travelling/ Visiting other places.

The design:-

I did enjoy the design of the Wash Wizard,as it’s compact and simply aesthetically pleasing. I do have some issues with the packaging, which is why I believe that it shouldn’t be used as an everyday product. Outer packaging is simple easy to reuse/ recycle which will always get a thumbs up from me. But the actual packaging of the product was plastic, (Not sure if it’s Biodegradable) Which makes the product a small problem to the environment.
It was extremely light. I didn’t weigh each sponge to be honest. Its overall size is compact and.as a rough estimate half the size of a tube of smarties. This would make it easier to put it into smaller places.

The wash:-

I believe that the instructions on the side of the box were incorrect and took me a few times of playing about with it to figure out how to use it to its full potential. The first time I was just scratching my soft skin with the sponge as there was no soap coming out. I believe that you need at least 7 or 8 steps instead of 5. You need to run it under water squeeze the sponge then run it under water and squeeze again to get the soap to exert. The sponge was very rough to the skin – It felt a bit uncomfortable for a little time after, but I thought it’d sting on my delicate skin for longer but It left no marks which was a positive.

The soap/ foam coming out was fresh and felt like a normal wash but with a rougher sponge that I’d normally use. I believe that could be improved in the designing of the product to suit all types of skin and widen out the audience for this product.

My verdict:-

Before the first usage of this product I was very hopeful but was disappointed with the texture of the sponge- Was too sharp and rough on my skin which was uncomfortable. Though I did like the way it was packaged and the sponges were placed to use its full spacing potential, no piece of the packaging was irrelevant.The sponges are easy to dispose of which doesn’t cause too much of a fuss when you’ve using them. I love the packaging of the actual sponges they were small and light. Also the box came with 5 sponges which would make a great gift for someone who love to travel, but spacing is always an issue.I believe I’d love to be a customer of this product as I do love travelling a lot, the only feature that is stopping me from doing so is the texture of the sponge. Way to rough for my skin and many people alike. The concept is fun and useful. It’s one of those products that have been on the minds of many but we could never accomplish.


You can purchase this product from Amazon.co.uk 

I would rate this 8/10